Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Real Blogger Journalism

There are a lot of ego whores in this small town blogosphere who fancy themselves to be cutting edge, new wave journalists because they post gossip and float stories that have no basis in fact and don't have the education or discipline to verify their information.

They rank their importance in their self contained worlds by the number of visitors they get to their blogs and the number of vicious, anonymous commentors they attract. The more of both they get, the more important they feel.

This town is full of them and they all blend together. It's hard to distinguish one from another. They engage in an endless incestuous warfare of vacuous masturbatory banter that dulls the senses and lowers the collective IQ of anyone who reads them.

They subscribe to the Manjooian philosophy of a post-fact society and claim newspapers are dead, and that this new, loosey-goosey, say-it-enough-times-and-it's-true propaganda are the wave of the future.

That's bullshit.

In stark juxtaposition to these local rumor mongers and wannabes stands the Midtown Miscreant.

He doesn't waste his time or blog space on meaningless drama or insider politics that doesn't impact anyone and that no one gives a shit about.

Instead he uncovered a truly dangerous and frightening case of a guy who used to be "kind of a big deal" in this town, the host of a local afternoon children's show, and later convicted child molester of a 14 year old relative.

That part was fairly common knowledge.

What we didn't know, and what Mark discovered, were the extremely creepy YouTube videos that Ed Muscare had been posting while still under probation for his child molestation conviction.

You can see the Fox 4 News story that was spurred by Mark's original blog journalism here.


Mark uncovered a true story about a dangerous man who posed a real threat to children. As a result, the police have seized Muscare's computers and are conducting an investigation.

I think Mark only posted about the subject once or twice, and he got results.

That's a pretty stark contrast to other local, shrill, one-note-wonders, who hammer away on the same, tired subjects hour after hour, day after day, month after month and continue to come up empty handed every time.

It's like watching a bunch of spastic chihuahuas dry humping a couch and coming away with nothing more than tiny sore peckers.

Mark, on the other hand, did some good solid investigative journalism that had a positive result.

This is Darwinian blogging.

The best blogs will survive because they are relevant.

The worst ones will paint themselves into a corner and implode like a supernova when their incoming traffic exceeds their compelling content and they become a critical mass of anonymous intellectual vacuum and create a black hole of stupidity from which nothing of interest, not even their anonymous trolls can escape.


Hyperblogal said...

Good post and congrats to Midtown too.

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...

So- you don't like my one note?

Lessee if my B-flat will help you C-sharp.

And a DAMN good job MM!!!

(PS: YOU singlehandedly defeated the Indy sales tax increase XO)...


Tony said...

Wow. The kind of blogger you're talking about sucks!!! I thought MM was great by the way!