Saturday, September 19, 2009


I actually saw this bumper sticker on a car today on I-70.

:: sigh ::

Really? The entire Federal Government is a terrorist organization? The Confederacy was a band of Freedom Fighters? The Government is the enemy of the people?


Where to start?

Did you drive anywhere on any road today? If the answer is yes, thank the government.

Did your car get you there safely? If the answer is yes, thank the government.

Was the food you bought at the grocery store fresh, safe, healthy and uncontaminated? If the answer is yes, thank the government.

Was the gas you put in your car pure and undiluted with harmful contaminants? If the answer is yes, thank the government.

Have you ever been to court to get a divorce, an order of protection, sue someone who swindled you, or serve as witness against someone who committed a crime against you or someone you know? If the answer is yes, thank the government.

Are you able to read this in your own home in peace and safety, knowing that local, county and state law enforcement officers are a 3 digit phone call away? If the answer is yes, thank the government.

Do you have an internet connection, if the answer is yes, THANK THE GOVERNMENT.

I could go on but I'm getting tired and bored.

If you think that the government is the enemy, I encourage you to strip naked, and wander off into the woods armed with nothing but a sharp stick. Reboot yourself to the state humanity was in before we decided that an organized society was a better survival strategy than "to each his own".

Good luck with all that.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."
Thomas Jefferson

Let me give you an example. The Baucus health care bill presumes that a family of 4 making $66,000/year should be able to afford to pay 13% of that salary for health care premiums. First of all, that's gross salary and that happens to be a little less than what my daughter/family make per year. They can no more afford to pay $8,580 of their net after food, gas, housing, taxes, clothes, school expenses, etc. than the man in the moon. Fortunately, they don't have that problem. Husband's employer provides coverage which costs them $350/month or $4,200 per year, half of the proposed costs of the Baucus government plan. Alas, that's not not the end of it. Under the Baucus bill is a provision that employers can refuse to cover their employees if they simply pay a fine of $400/person/year!

It is a NO-BRAINER to figure that employers would prefer to pay a $400 fine rather than several thousand per year to provide insurance and they will DROP their employer provided health coverage which will force people onto the government options. Yet, this is what some in our wonderful government have apparently decided will provide happiness for Americans and will be a wise redistribution of our tax dollars.

I provide that example as but one example of government gone crazy in the pretense of taking care of people. I had high hopes for the Baucus bill which instead turns out to be a total burdensome mess!

Of course, we need government, but we don't need government to strangle us with their so-called benefits. You wonder why people are protesting? You wonder why they don't trust government?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Here's a link to the Baucus plan premium costs for single and family. It's an interesting read. I'd note the figures I used were for the lowest coverage plan.

Old Fart said...

Have you ever had the police break down your door in a wrong door raid, kill your pets, then be told the police did nothing wrong? Thank your government.

Do you try to use your internet connection to gamble playing online poker or wager your money on the outcome of a sports game, and find that its illegal... but that you can wager that same money with the states gambling lottery? Thank your government.

Of course your "all or nothing" love of the government only happens when your side controls DC... otherwise you whine, complain, and moan as loudly as anyone else. I don't think you need me to go back a few years in your posts to find those.

Anonymous said...

it's a mixed bag, I think we can all agree.

Xavier Onassis said...

Politicians with no balls are making this whole "health care reform thing" WAY too complicated.

It's time for me to step in and solve it.

THE PLAN: Eliminate all private "for profit" insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans and Federal Employees insurance plans.

Replace it with a one payer, one supplier insurance plan that covers everybody for everything at the same level. No disparities.

How do we pay for it, you ask?


Raise and collect whatever taxes are necassary to cover the cost. Because it's the right thing to do.

I think it should have been the opening salvo. Negotiate from there.

Old Fart said...

[How do we pay for it, you ask?


Raise and collect whatever taxes are necassary to cover the cost. Because it's the right thing to do.]

So, you're willing to give up pretty much every penny you earn to pay for this?

The taxes that the government is taking from us right now doesn't even come close to covering what they are spending... every government program is so far in the red it isn't funny.

So, will you agree to the 100% income tax necessary to cover ALL the fucking stupid ass shit that morons think the government should provide to them beyond the basics of the constitution?

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - Don't be ridiculous. It wouldn't require a 100% tax. But it might require taking that $720,000,000.00 a day we are spending in Iraq and Afghanistan and redirecting it back towards the American people.

That would be a good start.

Midtown Miscreant said...

The problem is , most of that money we are already spending on those wars, we went on the street for. In other words we borrowed it. Also your boy Bama swears he wont raise taxes over this thing.
The V.A. will be giving flu shots in a parking lot on 31st off van brunt this week. Get a shot, and possibly get shot. Gubmint health care is already here and it blows big time. Now I'll let you get back to feeding your unicorn and reading I Mao. commie.

emawkc said...

I agree with you on this one XO. I'm totally thankful for everything our government has done for me. Without our government, we would still have a few million Iraqi running around in their country giving us a bunch of grief.

Thanks to our government, we have hundreds of investment bankers who got to keep their jobs and bajillion-dollar mansions. We have auto executives who can still fly around in their private jets, thanks to our government.

Thanks to the actions of our government years ago, white guys like you and me got a head start in the social order over black people and other minorities.

But most of all, I'm thankful to our government for making sure that everyone in the USofA received a low-cost digital cable converter box.

john_m_burt said...

"F/i/g/h/t/i/n/g Committing Terrorism Since 1861"

Fixed that for you, bumper sticker guy.

[Yes, I know this post is two years old, but I just now found it while Googling for something else entirely]