Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopper's Parkade - September 23, 2009

This hideous monstrosity at 11th & Grand is called the Shopper's Parkade.

It's been closed and boarded up for years. The garage actually extended over the sidewalk and there was a bus stop there. It was dark, sheltered and had access to public transportation so it attracted bums, winos, derelicts, panhandlers, transients and psycho goon-babblers like a marshland attracts geese.

It was the sight of at least 1 drive-by shooting. I know because I happened to be walking by just moments after it happened. The police were standing around the still bleeding body waiting for the ambulance.

This open, puss-oozing, stench-filled sore on the crotch of Kansas City is finally going to be torn down.

Because there is nothing more fun than watching blue collar guys operating huge, powerful, machines tear stuff the fuck up, I'm going to document the awesome destruction on my blog.

My plan is to take a picture a day, everyday (except weekends) as long as there is something standing to take a picture of. Unless it's all rainy and shit. Or too cold. Or I forget. Or I get bored.

We'll see how this goes.


m.v. said...

how many days do you think it's going to last?

emawkc said...

It will be great to see them demolish this eyesore and see them put up a new, modern parking garage in its place.