Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TWA Overhaul Base Closing

That's right. I said the TWA Overhaul Base. I was never able to accept the American Airlines thing.

My dad worked at the TWA Overhaul Base for over 20 years before retiring. He would come home from his twighlight shift wearing those overalls and smelling of jet fuel and cold weather.

When I was born, he was a sheet metal worker for the Continental Can Company in Coffeyville, KS.

From there, he got a job at the Boeing Overhaul Base in Wichita working on the B-52 Stratofortress.

In 1964 he landed at the TWA Overhaul Base in Kansas City and worked there until he retired.

TWA still had a major corporate presence in Kansas City in those days.

They still had Lockheed Super Constellations in their fleet.

Beautiful fucking airplane! The most graceful bird to ever fly. I remeber seeing them in the sky, still full of passengers.

Back when passengers dressed up to fly somewhere because it was still a special occasion and you were pampered like you were aboard a flying cruise ship.

I remember when TWA finally retired the Constellations and coverted to an all-jet fleet in 1967. It was a big deal. They had a big open house at the Overhaul base for employees and their families.

Just like they did a couple of years later when they bought their first 747's.

And in 1984 when the Space Shuttle prototype Enterprise made a stop at the TWA Overhaul base perched atop its 747 carrier vehicle.

I don't care if they find someone else to lease the property as an Olympic training facility or a Mega Flea Market. It will always be the TWA Overhaul Base to me.


m.v. said...

pretty cool, TWA brought me here before they went out of business.their old website is still alive somewhere.

Bull E. Vard said...

I feel the same about Boeing in Wichita. They sold the operations a couple of years ago and now the complex is called Spirit or something like that. I'll always call it Boeing.

I was wondering the other day why you lived in Mulvane since your dad worked for TWA, guess I got my answer. The funny thing about Mulvane is that Derby people make fun of Mulvane...and Derby is a shithole.

Average Jane said...

I have TWA nostalgia myself. My stepmother was a TWA flight attendant and still has some of their silverware in her kitchen drawer. And, of course, I work in the red-and-white striped former TWA building, which is very cool.

Xavier Onassis said...

m.v - One of many mistakes they made. TWA brings you to America, TWA goes out of business, now the United States is embracing Socialism. Coincidence? I don't THINK so.

Bull - Apparently you missed the Mulvane/Wichita related posts. Let me help a brutha out:

We lived in Mulvane, dad worked in Wichita and we attended church in Derby. Central Kansas Trifecta!

Jane - We had the little red travel bags with the double-globe logo, lots of jet-liner swizzle sticks, tiny little bars of TWA soap and TWA Junior Pilot wings. When he got laid off by Boeing, he went to work for Beechcraft. I once had a really crappy, shoddily built, motorless GoCart which sported a big, shiney, chrome "Beechcraft KingAir" logo.