Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fuck Sports

I've always been a big guy.

Over 6 feet, over 200 lbs.

High school coaches always bugged me to try out for football and wrestling.

I always told them to go fuck themselves.

Every coach I've ever known have been like Frank Martin or Mark Mangino.

They were either an overly-aggressive Alpha Male whose only desire was to dominate young boys, or an over-weight athelete-wannabe who has never competed but thinks he knows shit from book-learnin'.

They are all single-minded idiots in charge of meaningless games. They represent the most trivial aspect of society. Nothing, NOTHING, is less important in this world than who wins a football, basketball or baseball game.

I hate every form of organized sport.

I hear KC may get a World Soccer event of some kind.

I could give a shit.

I am against any attraction that would result in even a minutes delay in my commute from work to home.


emawkc said...

When I read the title "Fuck Sports" I totally expected a different kind of post.

Xavier Onassis said...

emawkc - In retrospect, I can see how you would go there.


Nick said...

Things less important in this world than who wins a football, basketball or baseball game (the abbreviated version):

1. Anything Sarah Palin might choose to utter;

2. The "outcome" of every "reality" TV show:

3. 99.9% of all Twitter posts;

4. Keanu Reeves

5. The Simpsoms stamps;

6. Any Google search result initiated by entering your own name;

7. Publishers Clearing House;

8. Apologies ruined by excuses;

9. Star Trek: the series and all movies;

10. Star Wars...period;

11. Most logical fallacies;

12. Fashion;

13. Much of high school;


The DLC said...

I was simply going to comment that XO was being a grumpy old man again, but Nick you have certainly outdone him!

Hyperblogal said...

Uh oh XO... now you've attacked REALLY BIG MONEY and you'll be watched through even more expensive binoculars. I agree though. World Cup Soccer, if we get some games, is supposed to bring $400 million to KC... which is roughly what we lost in work time from not plowing the snow.

Anonymous said...

What tf! Are you trying to die an early death? Did you forget you live in the United Sports? I teach high school and I am here to tell you that whether you like it or not, in our school sports are the "third curriculum". That is not what I think, but try to go against in my area and well, they are gonna either fire me or cut my art budget!

Oh yes, and all sports do suck except for tennis because my daughter is on the team and I say so.

Don Juan's W-reckless Daughter

Xavier Onassis said...

DJWD - When I was in HS we rapidly learned to not even bother casting any jocks in our productions.

They consistently failed to show up for play practice because "coach" told them they had to be on the field with the team.

I really, really hate sports and I hate HS and college sports even more than pro sports.

I think it fosters stupidity.

Kanga said...

I like some sports. Aussie rule football, for one. Golf is plain stupid though, even if it did get Tiger laid a lot. I like aerobic exercise, and if that exercise happens to take place in a group of folks playing a game (ie, a sport) I'm OK with that. But to spend all weekend on my ass watching football or golf or NASCAR, forget that.

Angry White Wolf said...

I have to completely agree my good man..what is the enticement? Watching overgrown kids make millions paid for by the mindlesss masses? I mean c'mon??!! The guys wether it is basket, foot or baseball are the epitome of the single minded egocentric society the rest of the world cant stand. FUCK Pro sports!!! its ok that a family is on the street starving as long as you get your nose bleed seats to the NBA game 7 finals for $2000.00 dollars FUCK Pro Sports!! Children are taught to idolize thieves, druggies and rapist because they can play a god damn game for millions of dollars FUCK Pro Sport!!! Fuck the parents who failed at their little miserable sports existence and try to redeem themselves through their kids....Why is baseball considered the national past time??? Because you stand around for god knows how long then have to react to a sudden situation that requires you to act correctly or suffer consequences?? Ummm...Katrina? 9/11? oh yeah that make sense then ..Lets pay them millions as well ..Well FUCK you too!!!!