Friday, February 05, 2010

The High Road Is A Lonley Path

::: sigh :::

Here I just went and deleted a comment on my blog for the FIRST TIME EVER in an attempt to protect Alonzo Washington's privacy, and what has he been up to in the meantime?


February 4, 2010 - Thursday

Blogger: Hip White Guy sounds upset/ Call me!

"KC & Hip White Guy,

I linked to one of my cowardly hater's blogs that had a negative comment about me. He was so upset about it that he did a bigger blog about me. I always try to highlight the negative things people say about me so that the public can see what it is like to be vocal in the community. It has good moments and bad moments. I wanted this dork to see my power. I linked to his blog that no one reads and it turned up on the TKC & the KC Crime Scene blogs. It took me to get this lame some attention. Without me he is nobody. I don't really care what anyone says about me unless they have some nuts to say it face to face. This cat has never helped anyone in his life on a major level like I have and do all of the time. He tries to downplay my greatness by saying I just take tips and that I have no police training. That's funny because the police who would not listen to the Precious Doe tipster had police training. They did not solve the case. The whole KCMO Police Homicide Unit had police training and they did not move on a good tip. I asked for the mother's DNA of Precious Doe from the tipster and I challenged the police in the media to test it. That's the only thing that solved the case. That's way bigger than just taking a tip nerd. You will never do anything that great in your life. Keep in mind it was not luck. The first week I opened this Myspace page I solved the murder of a White marine named Jeffrey Dunham. Yes I got a tip that the police had been trying to get for a whole year. However, that was not enough to solve the case alone. They kept asking me to contact the tipster and get more from the tipster. The police needed a witness to make the charges stick. The tipster would not say who was in the car with him. Yet, the tipster told me that a person in the car was a big sports figure at a college and he did not want to risk his future being associated to the case. The cop wanted more and needed more to close the case. I scanned my tipster's friends list on Myspace a figured out who the witness was. The cops got him to talk after I told them that this guy would sing because he had a big future at risk. The case was only solved because of me. The cops had nothing. I have done this on many other cases. I have done it too many times to write about boy. Ad Hoc has never done what I have done and this jerk (Hip White Guy) never will. Batman has never solved a murder case because he is a fictional character dummy. I wonder does this fool know that. I have a website for my comic book company. The Myspace thing is just and way to help people. It's is meant to be loose. That's why I have over a half a million readers. Plus it works. Hip White Guy it's no biggie. Just call me today and we can meet and talk about this. I know you are a weak punk. Let's meet up and we can talk about what your problem is with me. That way you won't have to write such a long @$s blog about me. Grow some balls and meet me somewhere. Here is my number (913) 321-6764. Call me. KC read this blog. I think it is funny. This guy is telling me to do what I all ready do. I have put a number of crooks in jail. Furthermore, I don't do vigils. That's Ad Hoc! I guess he thinks all Black people look alike. The post is full of lies. I really don't think this dude knows what I do. I have gotten so many people to come forward with tips. I convinced the tipster who dropped dime on Shauntey Henderson to come forward. I guess this guy is going to have to start promoting me on his blog. All that he is saying I should do I have done. Hip White Guy you are a joke! Hip White Guy check the photo above. That's me turning in a criminal suspect who surrendered to me via my Myspace page. Yeah, it did not take police training to do that pr*ck. I am walking him up the steps of the downtown KCMO Police Department. I have pictures of what I do. You most likely only have pictures of yourself jacking off. I am big you are nothing. My crimefighting has made local, national & international headlines. What you do is all in you head. Call me if you want to meet coward. I like blog beefs. It makes a lot of people read your site. Hip White get ready for a lot of new readers.

Alonzo Washington"

And this:

Blogger: Hip White Guy is a punk & coward!!!


I asked this weak girly man to call me since he had so much to say on his blog about me and guess what? He did not call. I am guessing a yellow streak went up his booty when I told him we could meet in person. I just wanted to see what his problem was. Maybe just talk some things out in person. However, he is not too brave when he is not typing on his blog. People who talk crap from a distant are cowards. I guess this jerk is not too hip after all. This dude would never talk crap to me in person. He is a little b*tch!


Alonzo Washington"

I think he demonstrates exactly what I meant when I apparently started this by calling him a "self-serving, self-promoting, useless fucktard".

I rest my case.

Alonzo, I didn't call you because I don't trust an attention whore like you with my phone number.

Every single work day, you can find me strolling through the financial district, mulling the mysteries of the cosmos. You want to meet me? Come and find me.

I'll buy you lunch.


Al said...

Just let him keep talking - the asshole does all your work for you.

What a complete, insecure limp dick that guy is.

Keith Sader said...

I think one day people will look back and say Hamilton vs. Jefferson was just two amateurs - XO vs. Alonzo Washington was *the* greatest ideological conflict in U.S. history!

Nick said...

I don't watch TV per se: sure, some sports (and who isn't looking forward to the media circus that will be Tiger's return from his self-imposed Diaspora?)and the occasional gorgeous weather gal (always clothed, Lisa!), but that’s it.

Yet in my past, working a brief stint on 2nd shift running 2” tape at a production house, I was ADDICTED to “Dallas”. Never missed a show.


Should you and LimpDickMan continue this love fest…

And if you could somehow finagle lil’ Antonia into the middle of the ménage (and let me remind all of you to take proper precautions; it would be a blow at your advanced ages to contract an STD, much less HIV), it would make a GREAT series!

Might even be able to syndicate it on KCPTv. I would watch religiously.

Go for it. Smack those bitches some more!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I have actually forgotten what started this but when it's over, I think I'm going to have a cigarette.

MoxieMamaKC said...

I'm with Jools, but seriously...let the hater hate. You're right and he really IS a self-serving jerk...Chin up and take the moral higher ground. Feed not the evil trolls, XO...

Anonymous said...

You've gotta read/post this!

Alonzo Washington sending out his own press release! What a self promoting tool bag!