Friday, February 05, 2010

That Was A First

I just deleted a comment from my blog.

I've never, ever, deleted or edited a comment before so I feel I need to explain why I did it.

The comment I removed was on my post about Alonzo Washington and was from an anonymous commentor (I don't get many of those) who mostly agreed with everything I said, so it wasn't about stifling discussion.

The problem that I had was that the comment contained what appeared to be Alonzo's home address.

Now, I'm sure his address is readily available elsewhere and he's such an attention whore I wouldn't be surprised to see a huge spotlight shooting into the night sky from his front yard.

But in the context of a blog post by me where I'm dogging the guy, I felt like it was inappropriate to have his address published in that manner.

I was just fucking with the guy 'cause I was bored. Just having some fun at the expense of a local douche nozzle that virtually everyone laughs at.

But I'm not out to fuck up his shit by handing out is street address to any wack job who happens to stumble in to my joint looking for trouble.

So that's what I did, that's why I did it, and that will be my policy going forward. Any comment containing SOMEONE ELSES personal information will get deleted.

That is all.

As you were.

Return to your homes.

Show's over.

Nothing to see here.