Monday, March 29, 2010

Backward Christian Soldiers Part 2

Ummm, yeah. These are the Next Great American Revolutionary Leaders.

How many of you are ready to toss away the last 200+ years of American History in favor of whatever the fuck these guys believe in?


Nick said...

for me the most precious part is what the tards chose to call themselves. i linked to the whole list in today's au currant but my best and fave is Radok!*

* i added the exclamation point, but you have to admit it fits...

Xavier Onassis said...

Nick - Yeah. Hutaree, Radok, Boramander, Zulif, Arkon. These folks have no problem just making shit up.

Not a surprise then that they readily embrace and believe in shit that other people made up.

Willing and enthusiastic gullibility is running rampant.

Hyperblogal said...

Total IQ: 7... one of then didn't register anything.

Kanga said...

The mullet says it all...

Anonymous said...

And what do these guys believe in?

The government investigators will tell us.

Trust them.

Whats funny is that after health reform failed...and we really needed health reform so its a damn shame we didn't get that all we have heard about is phony spitting incidents, "threats" (unverified) and people like this.

But what we have not heard about is what is in the phony health "reform" bill.

Its called "diversion" and "blowing smoke".

Raytown Legal Eagle