Saturday, March 13, 2010

Email Aggregation?

I don't know about you, but I have several email accounts that I use for various purposes.

I have one that I use for personal and professional contacts.

I have another that I use for pseudonymous social networking purposes.

I have another as a throw away account where I don't care if I get spam or surveys.

Gmail claims to be a service that can aggregate all of your various accounts in one place. And it is.

But the problem is you have to use POP forwarding on your various accounts to send them to Gmail.

All of my accounts are Yahoo accounts and POP forwarding is only available if you upgrade and pay $19.99 a year for a Premium Yahoo account.

I'm not paying $60.00 a year for 3 Premium Yahoo accounts just to have the convenience of viewing all of my "free" emails in one place.

I used to have an application that did what I'm talking about for free, but I lost it when my XPS crashed and burned.

So I'm asking all y'all motherfuckers. What are you using? I know you cheap bastards aren't paying for this kind of thing. I'm looking at you @kcmeesha!


m.v. said...

Honestly I don't pay for Yahoo Plus (you know me better than that),my ISP used to provide it for free but then stopped. Somehow I still have pop and forwarding enabled. If you don't have it,there are a bunch of workarounds like this
or this

Faith said...

I have 4 email addresses, 3 of which I actually use for email purposes.

Yahoo: is my fake "Faith Smith" account - I use this one for all shopping online and blog-related stuff.

RoadRunner: has my maiden name attached to it, and always will because I'm lazy and Time Warner is stupid. I use this for all professional use outside of work, because it has a real name attached to it.

Work: I use this for work pretty much exclusively. Our firewall can be a bitch, so things like notes from the mother-in-law tend to fall off before getting to me, and then she thinks I'm ignoring her, and it's all badcakes.

Gmail: I set this up because Blogger required me to. I don't use it for anything. I never check it.

I don't see the point to paying for an email service. But I don't find it all that hard to operate with the several different addresses I have, so maybe I'm odd in that regard.