Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Vernal Equinox

Today is the first day of spring!

Here is what that looks like in Kansas City.

Despite the weather, this has been, and continues to be a very good day.

It started off with me preparing an EPIC brunch for my best friend and her fiance. Peppered bacon. Scrambled eggs with diced ham, green onions and shredded cheese. Oven roasted potatoes. French toast. Kona coffee. And mimosas. Mimosas are half champagne, half orange juice with little slices of strawberries.

It was fucking awesome! Then the BFF and her fiance left to continue their day and I was left with most of a bottle of champagne. So I have been dealing with the vernal equinox snowmegeddon by staying inside and sipping mimosas all day.

Yay. Me.

As I speak, there is a pot roast and veggies warming up in the oven. I made the pot roast yesterday, but didn't touch it. I put it in the fridge to "age" overnight. So I got that working for me.

It's taken me the better part of the day, but I've almost polished off the champagne. I am nothing if not persistent. I set myself a task and then I keep working until the mission is accomplished. It's good to have goals.

By the way, those pictures you just saw? Those were taken a couple of hours ago.

Guess what?

It is still. fucking. snowing. Hasn't even let up or paused.

Welcome to fucking spring in Missouri!

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Quillside said...

You are SO lucky - here in BC we have missed out! You have OUR weather! Give it back !