Friday, April 23, 2010

My Awesome Daughter

In case you aren't a regular reader and haven't figured this out already, my 16 year old daughter and I are best friends. We are so much alike it's frightening.

As evidenced by a couple of recent text exchanges.


GTO: "Remember when you used to take me to the park and push me super high on the swing?"

Me: "Of course I do! ZOOM!!!"

GTO: "I'm at the park and I just remembered that! I love you dad."

Me: "Aww! I love you too!"


GTO: "I'm not busy this Sunday".

Me: "Excellent! Let's have brunch and hang out!"

GTO: "Stuff white people like. Brunch. But yes. I concur."

Me: "LOL! We be white! I'm one cracker mofo!"

GTO: "Hahahaha... God I hate you. Jimmy* read that! I'm embarassed"

Me: "Ahahahahahaha! Schweeeeet!"

GTO: "I need to add that to your 'nono' words**".

Me: "You can do that on Sunday!"

GTO: "Okay!"
*Jimmy is her boy friend. He's 16. He plays guitar. In a band. He has gauged ears the size of quarters!

**The "No-No Word" list was the result of a FEMALE CONSPIRACY between my daughter and my BFF to limit what I can say IN MY OWN HOME!

This list includes, but apparently is not limited to:

1. "Pimptastic"
2. "Weak Sauce"
3. "BOOYAH!"
4. "I'm a HOOT!"
5. "Your mom!"
6. "I like Star Trek!"
7. 3-Day *anything* (As in "You 3-Day ugly! You was ugly yesterday, you ugly today, and you gonna be ugly tomorrow!")
8. Food Baby. (That super-full feeling in your tummy after a big meal.)
9. "Don't hate the Playah, hate The Game!"
10. "Da Bomb"
11. "Pad"
12. "Crib"

I'm single, I live alone and yet women still find a way to rule my life.



Anonymous said...

I feel like you purposefully left a few off.. lol As soon as I remember.. I will add them. LMAO ;) I love GTO!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Proud papa, as you should be. If she's happy with you when she's 16, she'll be happy with you all her life.

The DLC said...

Whoa. You TOTALLY need the No-No word list.