Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This Has To Stop

I found one phone book in my driveway and one on my doorstep yesterday.

I can't remember the last time I used or needed a fucking phonebook! Not since I got an internet connection and Google!

What is the environmental cost of this bullshit?

The trees killed.

The fossil fuels used to transport the dead trees to a pulp mill.

The fossil fuels used at the pulp mill to turn the trees into paper.

The energy needed to make all of the colored ink and printing preses.

The fossil fuels and bandwidth needed to soliit, compose and pay for all of those ads and coupons.

The fossil fuels needed to power all of those delivery vehicles to randomly drop thick, colorful, phonebooks on doorstops and in driveways of people who don't need them, don't want them, and won't use them.

It's just ridiculous!

I understand there are old Luddites who don't have computers ot teh Internet. Fine. Let them request a free phonebook. I got no problem with that.

But stop mas producing and randomly distributing them to the vast majority of people who don't need or use them.



May said...


Anonymous said...

Think of it as free toilet paper.

Joe said...

As long as the advertisers are willing to buy ads in the books in enough volume for the publisher to turn a profit, they'll keep on coming to your door.

The Wednesday Weekly said...

But how else would the Montee Law Firm get the word out about its stellar service of suing the pants off anyone with change in their pockets...

Dan said...

How is this NOT littering?