Monday, May 31, 2010

"Spill Baby, Spill!"

A decade of disdain for government regulation over offshore oil drilling and a complete disregard of all scientific fact allowed this disaster to happen.

"Responding to the accusations that agency scientists were being silenced, Ms. Barkoff added, “Under the previous administration, there was a pattern of suppressing science in decisions, and we are working very hard to change the culture and empower scientists in the Department of the Interior."

BP (Bush Petroleum) is not working in the best interest of the United States and the residents of the Gulf of Mexico.

BP does not want to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf. They want to CAPTURE the flow of oil so they can still profit from this.

They are willing to let this gusher of oil and dispersant continue to flow into the Gulf, killing flora and fauna, destroying wetlands, wiping out people's traditional livelihoods, until August or beyond so they can drill a relief well that will stop the flow into the Gulf but still allow them to make a profit.

Imagine this summer.

The entire Gulf of Mexico is a huge, swirling, reservoir of raw crude oil, bubbling with methane gas, littered with dead, bloated sea critters.

A lightning strike from a summer thunderstorm ignites the oil.

Now the entire Gulf of Mexico is a flaming cauldron of death and pollution.

We just entered hurricane season.

Try, if you can, to imagine a flaming, oily, polluted ocean being churned up and hurled ashore by 200 mph winds in crashing, colossal, fiery waves.

Imagine this monster...

But with the clouds burning black from flaming crude oil.

Imagine this picture...

...but with the water burning and belching black petroleum pollutants into the atmosphere.

Obama needs to pull the plug on BP and the MMS.

He needs to call together a task force of the best SCIENTIFIC experts from other oil companies, other countries, every university to brainstorm innovative solutions to stop this shit. Fuck profits! Fuck BP's investment. Fuck gas prices. STOP THE FUCKING LEAK! NOW!

When you see this logo...

...don't stop and don't buy.

When you see this logo...

Remember that they are the ones responsible for this oily, flaming, unregulated environmental mess.


m.v. said...

Funny and misguided as always. Obama had 40 dayS to call scientists, navy,submarines,superman to fix this. He did what you expect Bush would have done - let BP fuck with it instead of taking action. It's like reading a goat book during 9/11. After the gusher is plugged feel free to look who to blame. By the way - Obama is in chrage for the past 16 months just so you don't forget

Xavier Onassis said...

I know, and you're right.

If the Administration took my advice, they would completely own the problem and the solution. Which I think they should.

But by continuing to allow BP to run the show, they have someone else to blame.

Politically convenient but environmentally disastrous.

Not what I voted for.

Remember The Challenger Comission?

We need a Golf Oil Disaster Commission.

Find the problem, fix it, and make sure it never happens again.

Profits be damned.

Faith said...

I've been wondering all along why they don't somehow capture the oil (with a pipe, or a tube, or whatever), and get it loaded into tankers at the surface. You know, so it will stop spilling all willy nilly into the ocean like it has been doing. I don't believe there's a scientifically feasible way to "plug" the pipe as it is, right? So wouldn't it make better sense to try to capture the oil instead of letting it just spill out all over? ::confused::

Not that just popping a pipe on there will be easy, but it does seem like the best solution until they can get the relief well dug, and all.

It's not tough to see who's at fault for this whole catastrophe. So playing the blame game is just overkill at this point, don't you think?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

The spill is not going to be stopped until the other rig is operating and we don't know when that will be. In the meantime, they need to get out there and clean up the spill and protect the wetlands and shoreline. They've wasted too much time already. For weeks experts have been calling for mitigation efforts that have been ignored or buried in red tape. I heard about siphoning the oil onto tankers weeks ago and still nothing is being done.

As to who is to blame, the list will be long. But, remember this, government employees and regulations don't magically change with the change in administration. Most government employees are lifers and big rule changes take years to codify and enact. I saw it for my whole career interacting with the FDA. It's the same with every agency. As for the blatantly illegal acts committed by BP and their government regulators, MMS, people should be fired or jailed or both.

I am truly afraid that we ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to the next several months. XO's images may not be that far off base.

emawkc said...

One of the US Navy's submarines with a couple of well-placed torpedoes could solve this problem. Target the leaking pipe and fire away. The explosion could cave in the well and stop the flow of leaking oil.

My understanding is that the Russians have done this several times.

As for whom to blame, you can start with anyone who drove an old Jeep (or any other petroleum burning vehicle) to work today.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have controlled Congress since at least 2006.

And now Obama has sit on his ass while this was developing.

The old "its Bush's fault" line ain't gonna fly this time, sport!

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