Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Shots From Old Rolls - Vol. 1

In my balls to the wall transition from analog to digital photography, I'm processing old exposed rolls and exposing unexposed rolls.

Here are some random (and clumbsily punched up) shots from an old roll left in my Nikon N80 from a few years ago.


m.v. said...

Can't believe you wasted film on this,I expected old-style home-made porn. Disappointed.

Tacitus said...

What method are you using to go from film to digital? Are you:

film --> paper --> scan --> online


film --> Nikon CoolScan --> online

I've been digitizing old B&W film from the 50s and 35mm transparencies from the 60s the latter way. It's amazing how much information is in the negatives; you can scan 8-12Mp images from them.