Sunday, January 23, 2011

Athleticism Is A Cancer On Civilization

The local Sports Media was feverishly masturbating this weekend over one of their inspirational, feel-good stories. KU basketball star overcomes personal tragedy to support his team mates!

On Saturday morning KU basketball player Thomas Robinson received a phone call from his 9 year old sister informing him that his mother had died of a heart attack the previous night.

His immediate response? LET'S PLAY BASKETBALL!

Because obviously, playing a fucking basketball game is far more important than being a big brother to your 9 year old sister who just lost her mother.

The local sports media is playing this up like a Supreme Noble Athlete with a huge heart who didn't allow a personal tragedy to let his team mates down.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

This is a stupid jock with some seriously fucked up priorities.

IT'S JUST A FUCKING GAME! Go hug your sister. Go be with your family. Fuck the game! Tell the KU Athletic Department to go pound sand up their ass. They can afford a lot of sand.

Unless, of course, like most athletes, you put your own potential (yet INCREDIBLY unlikely) multi-million dollar career above and beyond every other concern in life.

Viewed through that sad, selfish prism, I suppose you can justify playing a stupid fucking game while your mother is being embalmed and your 9 year old sister is growing up way too fast without you.

To paraphrase Karl Marx, it is sports, as much as religion, that is the opiate of the masses.

It is a totally mindless and responsive addiction that requires no intellectual rigour. It adds nothing to society other than a distraction from our real problems.

If the money spent on sports was directed at medical research, our average lifespan would be 200 years old instead of 72.


Chimpotle said...

Oh yeah, you're right on. It's not like a 20yr old kid's mom just fucking died. He is the biggest piece of shit in the world for wanting to do the one thing in the world that helps him focus on something else and get away from everyone in his family being dead except his 9yr old sister. Thomas Robinson is no doubt the first person in the world who just wanted to get away from the stress of a major life changing event and do something he loved to give some sort of normalcy to his life.

While we're getting rid of sports, please also stop production on all movies, TV shows, 99% of what is on the internet, etc. They are all stupid distractions from the problems in our lives, which is why they exist. Playing the bongos does not pay bills.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Oh my. To lose so many people within weeks of one another is tragic. Logic says he should have left immediately to be with his little sister. I am thankfully not walking in his shoes, so I really can't judge but maybe he was in a bit of shock and not thinking rationally.

Now, that cannot be said for KU. They should have sent him home immediately - even escorted him if they had half a heart.

Faith said...

Just speaking from my own experience, after someone dies unexpectedly, flights and travel arrangements aren't necessarily all that easy to make the same day. Most of the time, next day travel is the best option for things to remain stress free and all that good stuff.

And I'd think that poor 9 year old girl had someone other than her older brother to look to for comfort. An aunt...a grandma...SOMEONE. (I'd hope, anyway.)

Like Jools said, too, rational thought isn't exactly easy for a young person after a shocking loss like that. Hell, for 2 months after a BOYFRIEND of mine died when I was 23, I behaved like a relative lunatic compared to my usual self. If it had been my mother (which, btw, it was less than a year later...), I can only imagine how my brain would've handled it. As it was, while my mom was dying, the best thing I could think to do was to remain in my normal, home, sleep. Repeat for 10 months. It was what kept me limitedly sane.

Net/net, it's not fair to sit and judge what Robinson was going through, and the choices he made in regard to such a personal decision.

Anonymous said...

Who are you to fucking judge? The whole reason he is playing basketball s for his sister. Read up, research, place a phone call. Maybe you would understand that and Take your ignorant bullshit off the internet. people like you are the reason this country is hated.