Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fuck the Second Amendment

There is no way in Hell this motherfucker should have ever been allowed to own a gun and buy ammo at a Walmart.

In fact, NO ONE should be allowed to own a gun and buy ammo unless they can prove they have a responsible need for a a gun and have the intelligence, training and emotional maturity to be trusted with a gun.

Hunters? Fuck you. You can buy meat at grocery stores. I don't care how many miles of shitty gravel roads separate us from your rural "paradise". You can still buy beef, chicken, pork, turkey and even goose and duck at the nearest grocery store. You don't need your own personal arsenal to feed your family.

If you want to buy a gun you should have to answer the following questions:

1: Why do you need one? (provide supporting documentation/evidence)
2: Why should the people around you trust you with one? Seriously. Why should you be trusted with the power to kill somebody?

Finally, there should be a "you look weird" test.

Telling someone "Nah, you look odd and I'm getting a creepy vibe from you. I'm not selling you a weapon that you could use to kill people" should be the prevailing policy at every retail outlet.

I don't know anyone, including myself, that I would trust to own a gun.


Old Fart said...

Fortunately, two things are true:

1. We don't live in the USofXO.

2. The guys who wrote the rules when they started this country, realized that a government in control of an unarmed populace would devolve into tyranny even faster than we currently are.

Anonymous said...

True, but the rules were set for the militia to have weapons, not for average citizens. The Militias later evolved to the Guard and State Police.

One of which is now under federal rule. I agree with XO...We live in a country where Macho trumps common sense. Morality is in the toilet and accountability is following quickly. Taking away firearms isnt the answer, but I think it may help.

Hyperblogal said...

I agree completely with your points... but I would make one compassionate exception to al the rules. If you are a vapid resident of Alaska and have a failing reality show you may purchase a firearm to feed your family organically and raise your ratings.

Old Fart said...

Anonymous... the rule (as you call it, I call it a right) is for "the people" who can become or are already part of a well regulated militia.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

The fact of the matter is, folks like XO only want the military and the police to have access to guns. The problem with that is twofold.

1. That pesky second amendment right.

2. Neither the military, nor the police, have a legal obligation to protect any American citizen, according to the Supreme Court.

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - And yet protecting American Citizens is exactly what the police and the military do 24/7/365.

I'm quite certain that our Founding Fathers never intended for there to be 90 firearms for every man, woman and child in this coutry.

I think having that many guns in play is clearly dangerous for our society and certainly not in the interest of the common good.

emawkc said...

Some of the police and military protect the American citizen. Many abuse the American citizen (and citizens of other contries, too). Links can be provided if you're too naive to believe this (which, let's face it, there are a lot of Liberals who read this rag).

But I agree with XO's main point. We should definitely let fear and the illusion of safety lead us to forfeit our rights because no government in the history of human existence has ever become abusive of it's populace.

I think we should appoint XO as the new King George. They seem to have a lot in common, what with them both being in-bred and all.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

"the common good" aka collectivism aka socialism aka communism.

To which I say, NO !

Old Fart said...

[And yet protecting American Citizens i/s exactly what the police and the military do 24/7/365.]


I call bullshit.

The US military is by law prohibited from acting against US citizens, so they're having guns can NEVER be used (legally) inside the US border against a US citizen.

The police?

That is a link to the killing of 42 innocent Americans by the police. And you aren't calling for the police to be disarmed.

Not only that.. but most of those police officers mentioned in the link are:

1. Not named in the press after MURDERING someone.

2. Not charged with a crime.

Xavier Onassis said...

emawkc - Good call! I look quite dashing with a bit of ermine trim. I'd make a great fucking King! This noble bald head was meant to wear a crown!

JOOLS - I'm shocked! Shocked I say to learn that you are not a fan of communism! Did not see that coming at all!

Old Fart - Of course the U.S. Military is forbidden from acting against U.S. Citizens. Their job is to protect us from foreign threats, not domestic threats.

It is the job of the F.B.I., State, County and Local law enforcement to protect citizens from domestic threats.

Yeah, yeah yeah, I know, there are occasional abuses (I'm surprised a nut-job, right-wing, libertarian "think tank" like the Cato Institute can only document 42 cases. Slackers).

And I know you think every cop with a gun spends all of their time kicking in people's doors and shooting their dogs.

But the fact that someone with your extreme viewpoints can own a gun is far more frightening to me than the fact that military and law enforcement officials are armed.

Old Fart said...

[Yeah, yeah yeah, I know, there are occasional abuses (I'm surprised a nut-job, right-wing, libertarian "think tank" like the Cato Institute can only document 42 cases. Slackers)]

So 42 dead innocents don't rate on you're get pissed off scale if they are shot by people you think should have guns?


Old Fart said...

[emawkc - Good call!]

XO Funny that you don't know when someone is talking down on your basic point. I actually believe you know he wasn't agreeing with you, and you purposefully try to make people think he was. To me, that just makes your point (innocent deaths are bad as long as the government didn't do it) all the worse.

Old Fart said...

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - Oh don't be silly! Of course I knew emawkc was making fun of me and disagreeing with my premise. He's been doing that since my first post! I'm not stupid.

I clicked on your Libertarian Cato Institute link and looked at the numbers. 42 "dead innocents".

While every life is priceless, let's look at the numbers.

The Cato Institute numbers are from 1985 to 2010. That's 25 years. A quarter of a century.

On average, there are 15,000 criminal incidents in the United States every year. From 1985 to 2010 that's 25 x 15,000 = 375,000 criminal incidents. 42 divided by 375,000 = 0.000112% of police encounters that resulted in a "dead innocent".

Although every "dead innocent" is a crime against humanity and not something to be taken lightly, I'm not convinced a 0.000112% error rate is sufficient cause to toss our entire criminal justice system to the curb, arm every citizen to the teeth and invoke an "every man to himself" conceal and carry rule.

I think you might be a bit of an extremist.

Old Fart said...

OK.. here is what an unarmed American (or his kids, or dogs) is up against. And they don't even say "Sorry" to him.

So, doG forbid it ever happens to you or yours... but this is exactly how libertarians are born.

The cops fuck up.. EVERY DAY. And no one ever calls for them to be disarmed... why is that?

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - No, cops don't fuck up "EVERY DAY."

They fuck up 0.000112% of the time according to the stats that you presented as proof of your percieved Government Overlord.

I think maybe you should calm the fuck down. The facts don't support your hysterical right wing paranoia.

Old Fart said...

[They fuck up 0.000112% of the time according to the stats that you presented as proof of your percieved Government Overlord.]

And you're happy with that percentage of innocent lives lost to government fuck ups? That percentage doesn't make you call for them to give up their guns?

I laugh at you. You don't value life. You value your opinion.

GB, RN said...

I don't own a gun, but I am not opposed to owning one. Single female, lives alone, with a dog who would think that any intruder would be someone to play with.

My brothers hunt, and last time I checked, Price Chopper didn't stock venison. You should try some of my deer chili sometime.

Yes, getting guns and ammo should be a little more difficult that going to your local Wally World. Not to mention that there should be some sort of mental fitness test before you get to have one. I think wearing a banana hammock should be a red flag.

Even if you tighten up regulations, there will always be those who have guns that legally should not have them in the first place.

As far as why you should trust me with a gun? Well, I'm already trusted with the power of life and death. Is there a difference between a gun and a syringe? Guns don't kill people...people with little disregard for human life kill people.

But seriously, you should try my deer chili.

Old Fart said...

BTW.. where do you get your percentage of cops fucking up and killing people. Couldn't be from the links I posted. They state quite clearly that these are only the ones they could get through Freedom of Information Act requests.

And a shit load of those requests are denied. Because the cops don't want you to know what they do. It would make them look bad... and we can't have the people you want having guns look bad.

Hell... the cops don't even want you filming them... wonder why?

Old Fart said...

To be continued... on my blog tomorrow.

Seriously, I wasn't going to be one it the idiots getting into this argument about guns over an obviously unstable individual getting a gun and using it, but this has forced my hand.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

GB,RN = One smart lady.

emawkc said...

What?! XO brought, like mathematical analysis into the discussion? That's very uncharacteristic for someone like XO. I mean, what happened to letting fear and irrationality rule your policies?

But, okay. It's actually a good idea to try to think rationally about something before doing things like throwing out the entire system of law enforcement and, oh I don't know, the United States Constitution.

And speaking of statistics, since about 1984 (the date you referenced earlier) there have been about 128 people killed in mass shootings in the US.

Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (a wholly owned subsidiary of the US Dept. of Justice), there are roughly 223 million firearms in the United States.

So your call to "fuck the Second Amendment" is based on an infinitesimally small percentage (0.0000573991031390134 percent to be specific) of firearms involved in a mass killing. A percentage, by the way, which is waaaaaaaay smaller than the one you quoted about law enforcement, which you say is too small to be "sufficient cause to toss our entire criminal justice system to the curb..."

Well, that is to say your call to "fuck the Second Amendment" it's based on the infinitesimally small percentage (0.0000573991031390134 percent to be specific) as well as your own prejudice and irrationality.

Anonymous said...

And who protects my family when thugs in midtown are roaming the neighborhood and the cops don' show?

XO won't be there to help.

XO got no right to tell me I can't own a gun.


Raytown Hack and Mold Expert

Nightmare said...

Typical lib, blame the tools instead of nutjob behind them! What about the Millions of law abiding gun owners who DON'T go crazy and shoot dozens of people daily?

Xavier Onassis said...

Nightmare - I think all of the pussy, paranoid, scared-shitless, needlessly armed "millions of law abiding gun owners" and Tea Party "patriots" are just one hair-trigger stimulus away from going postal on whoever is around them.

They CAN NOT WAIT for an excuse to pull the trigger on some one.

A sub-culture of Timothy McVeighs.

They are not Americans.

They are Anarchists.