Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If You Have "Animal Companions" (Pets), You Are Guilty Of Animal Cruelty

Jesus! This is going to piss off a lot of my friends and alienate a lot of my followers.

But it has to be said.

Your pets don't need you. Your pets don't "love" you. At best, your pets are addicted to you and you are their enabler.

The symbiotic relationship between primates and canines began somewhere between 10,000 - 2,000 B.C.E.

"During the most recent ice age, from about 20,000 years ago (see Ice Ages), large mammals such as bison roam on the sub-arctic tundra of Europe and Asia. They are preyed upon by two groups of hunters, both much smaller and weaker than themselves - but both with a sufficiently developed social system to enable them to hunt and kill in packs.

These hunters are humans and wolves.

The typical pack of wolves and of humans is surprisingly similar. It it is family-based, led by a dominant male whose female partner is likely to have an authority second only to his. Members of the group are friendly to each other but deeply suspicious of outsiders. All members (not just the parents) are protective of the newly born and the young. Both species are good at interpreting the moods of others in the group, whether through facial expression or other forms of body language.

Legend acknowledges these shared characteristics in stories of children suckled by wolves. The other side of the same coin, in real life, means that wolf cubs adapt easily to life among humans.

For mutual benefit

Humans and wolves are competing for the same prey, but there are advantages for both in teaming up. For the wolf, human ingenuity and the use of weapons mean a share in a greater number of kills - and perhaps even an occasional taste of larger victims, such as mammoth. For humans, the wolf's speed and ferocity is equivalent to a new weapon.

The partnership is natural.

Read more:"

We spent the last 20,000 years cruelly and selfishly breeding survival skills out of our "animal companions" in favor or docility and cuteness.

Canines used to look like this.

Thanks to human "kindness" and our "domestication", now they look like this.

The ancestors of our house cats were more than capable of fending for themselves.

Not anymore.

But here is the thing.

If humans disappeared tomorrow, cats and dogs will be just fine. The teeth, claws, speed and ferocity that allowed canines and felines to survive before we came along and fucked them up will once again rise to the top.

Oh, it will be brutal, there will be much carnage, and many human-contrived species will be eliminated in short order. Dachshunds will go quickly. We bred their legs too short to run from predators.

But the point is, not only do canines and felines not need us, we are actively holding them back and hampering their survival skills by pampering them spoiling them and giving the ridonckulous levels of health care.

I remember walking out into the woods with one of my best friends and one of his favorite, terminally ill, hunting dogs so he could put a merciful bullet into his head to prevent him from suffering.

These days people subject their pets to chemo-therapy, radiation, special diets, artificial limbs, organ transplants, blood transfusions and expensive medications.

Really? Seriously?

Fuck, I'm a human and I don't even want that much intervention.

If I have a painful, in-grown hair? Pull the fucking plug! I have no desire to bankrupt my family to prevent my suffering. I don't care what the ailment is, if the treatment is expensive, long, barbaric and painful? Walk me out into the woods and put a bullet through my head.

You are torturing your animals and needlessly bankrupting yourself with your "kindness".

Let animals be animals.

Put "Mother Nature" back in control and quit buying boats for Vets.


kcmeesha said...

you can have my cat

Xavier Onassis said...

Do. Not. Want.

Joe said...

Don't worry, even though I miss my dogs more than I'll miss my (soon to be ex) wife, you haven't scared me off any.

Keith Sader said...

Do I need to smack you upside the head again with science?

In genetic terms, cats & dogs teaming up with humans has been beneficial to both species. It's enabled our genes to reproduce more than they could have alone in the wild. The same can be said for domestic cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc.

Partnering/being domesticated has enabled these genetic lines a much longer and prosperous genetic propagation than going it alone.

Poodles said...

I think having children is a useless waste of time and a destructive thing to do in a world ravaged by overpopulation. But I am sure you love your daughter and would disagree.

We all have things we find useful and important that others think are unnecessary and inappropriate.

Meh. My dogs are better than most people I know.


Xavier Onassis said...

Keith - As long as we are speaking scientifically, how does the human practice of spaying and neutering cats and dogs contribute to their "prosperous genetic propogation"? Wouldn't they propogate much more prosperously if we stopped cutting their balls off?

Poodles - I know you love your dogs and I'm not inclined to pick a fight with a friend. But if something happened to me and I fell unconcious, my daughter would call 911 and get me to a hospital. If I had a dog instead of a daughter, my dog would not call 911 and would eventually eat me. Just sayin'.

Poodles said...

Now, but when she was a baby she would have just died. Babies are dumb. My dogs would at least survive by eating me and I'm ok with that.


kcmeesha said...

"would eventually eat me" that would make the best obit ever.

Xavier Onassis said...

Poodles - Just to clarify, I'm not saying my daughter would call 911 right away. It would depend on what else she had going on that day and what was on TV. But I'm sure she would eventually get around to calling 911. Probably sooner than it would take a dog to realize I'm made out of meat. Probably. I hope.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I made my living working for an animal drug company. Here's a little secret. Animal drugs are subject to exactly the same manufacturing regulations as human drugs and oftentimes there is an exact equivalent of an animal drug being labeled for humans. Isn't it interesting that the human version costs about 10 times what the animal version does. Think about it and follow the money...always follow the money.

Well Hell Michelle said...

But my vet really needs a boat.

Nick said...

I got addicted to bulgogi while in Korea and so now keep cats for food. I don't know if this makes me an enabler, but if so I can live with it.

Anonymous said...

Stop this talk, or I'm gonna sick my dog on you.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want advanced medical treatment...fine, leave it for ME!

I want to COST THIS SOCIETY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHEN I EXIT, and I hope some ambulance chaser sues every health professional connected with my demise just for the hell of it.

Sick With Mold Infection from 8 Years in Shithole Raytown Office on Blue Ridge.