Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bonito Michoacan Cinco de Mayo Festival & Charro Parade

Here are a few highlights from one of my stops on Saturday.

It's also my 1500th Blog Post. Enjoy.


kcmeesha said...

looks like your camera fucked a box of crayons. these can't be the right colors. take it off the "vivid" setting.
oh, and congrats on 1500

The DLC said...

Those tacos look good! Did you have fun?

Xavier Onassis said...

kcmeesha - Funny. David and I were just having this exchange. I'm clearly addicted to the "saturate" function in Photoshop. I have a problem. I need help.

Every batch of photos I take is a self-assigned homework assignment full of experimentation. I'm still learning.

TheDLC - I didn't try any of the food, but I did have fun.

May said...

Happy 1500th!! :)