Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kansas City Slut Walk

The SlutWalk KC went down today. Wherever there are sluts, you will find me by their side.

You can embiggen any of these photos by clicking on them. They are unembellished shots.

Hey, That's May Evans!

Hey! That's Stacey Locke!


Nessa Roo said...

hmmm...nice turnout! I love the signs.
(My last name is Locke. I wonder if Stacey and I are distant cousins?)

Old Fart said...

I love the signs! Talk about walking for your rights. Pic 20 is awesome.. gotta love a Guy Fawkes mask at something like this.

What I'd like to know is how many of these people believe that this "its my body" mentality carries over to anything other than sex... such as say ingestion of banned substances. Just food for thought.

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - Speaking for the ones that I know personally...yes, they do. As do I.

Old Fart said...

And to take it even further... would they carry a sign for it.

I don't mean to try to lessen what a rape victim goes through. That isn't my point. But most people (and that probably includes some rape victims) feel that the government should be allowed to tell us what we can, and more importantly can't, do with our own bodies.

Certainly one person forcing themselves upon another for sexual gratification (or some other thrill) is a horrendous crime against a persons liberty... but what I'd like to see is every infraction against a persons individuality be treated that way.

It is after all our body. It belongs to no one else. Whether it involves sex, substance, or government... it is ours.

Nick said...

We nearly ran afoul (and over) some of the ladies on our way to the Nelson yesterday: indifferent and blatant jaywalking.

Perhaps it's the culture but both Astas (now 8ish and 6) spotted the long queue of walkers at the same moment and shouted - "Zombies! Daddy Daddy - zombies!"

I thought about disabusing them of the notion until I realized they were mostly correct.

Logtar said...

The dude sporting the quilt. I know that slut.

sue hanes said...

XO - Isn't this a touchy subject, really.

Shouldn't men have control of their carnal urges and desires or make enough money to pay someone for it.

'there's always girls that want to be ho's'

Let them seek out those.

But not all of them are ho's, no matter how they dress.