Wednesday, May 09, 2012

From My Daughter To My Dad

Copied from my daughter's Facebook page with her permission. Her tribute to her Grandpa Jim.

"All I want is just one more day. One more hug. My graduation day is coming up so fast, the one big moment in my life that I really thought he would be here for. I loved him more than anything in the whole world, and I'm pretty sure the feelings were reciprocated. I would do anything to make my grandpa proud of me. I miss him more than anyone can understand. I regret every phone call I missed, and every time I didn't go see him just because I didn't want to have to go to Olathe. No one will ever mean as much to me as this man did. I miss you every single day, Grandpa Jim. And I love you more than you ever knew. You were more than my grandfather, you were, and always will be my hero. Rest in Peace. ♥"

She and I will be making the trip to Coffeyville, KS next week where his cremated remains will be buried with the full military honors that he earned twice over (WWII and Korea).

GTO has chosen to honor her Grandpa Jim by getting a tattoo of his WWII Merchant Marine Service Ribbons. Although I would prefer that she never get any tattoos at all, if she feels she needs too, this is a pretty cool concept.

The Big Question is the placement of the tattoo.

RULE 1: It has to be somewhere that she can see it and remember.

RULE 2: It can't be somewhere so prominent that it limits here employment opportunities.

We are open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

On the top of her foot, it can always be seen, easily covered with a sock or shoe and he will forever walk with her.

moxiemamakc said...

I'm very sorry for your loss! I'll keep your family in my thoughts. What a great daughter you have. I agree with the top of the foot. That's a really cool idea.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Awwww...made me cry. I have such a special relationship with my granddaughters I can really understand what she is feeling. Tell her she gave him the one thing he needed and wanted more than anything else, her unconditional love, and it doesn't get any better than that.


Keith Sader said...

The people that will start employing her probably aren't going to be as uptight as the people that started employing me - just thinking out loud here.

Nick said...

The top of the foot is especially senistive, maybe more than she can take.

Though that doesn't leave much socially acceptable skin left, does it: arms, chest upper back all shriek - "Never wearing abeuatiful gown"; lower back - really, do we have to discuss this, tramp?; legs same issue as arms, chect upper back - swimsuits and skirts. Which does leave (to my mind) feet or rear bikini area.

lower hip, bottom or feet.

Again, I remind you the top of the feet are EXTREMELY sensitive.

I've 2 tats myself, both acquired overseas: one upper right arm, other across left pec. Never thought a thing of them until i had to explain them to the Astas who - Thor help them - think I can do no wrong. I don't believe either girl believes my claim thet they're mistakes I would not repeat...

Skin sags.

The older you are the more it sags.

sue hanes said...

XO - When my daughter felt the need to get a tatoo - she had it discreetly done on her lower back just around her waitline. Rarely does it show.

I hope the ceremony for your dad goes well - XO. From your post about him - I can tell he was a wonderful person and deserves it.

Xavier Onassis said...

UPDATE: GTO's older and wiser half sister (who has several discreet tattoos) has offered to pay for her tattoo as a graduation present in exchange for some control over the placement and artist.

The current thinking on placement is the left shoulder blade. GTO can see it in a mirror, show it off without flashing people, and it is super easy to conceal.

Design is a Merchant Marine anchor (google image it) superimposed with his WWII Service Ribbons and maybe an arching, scroll-banner with his birthday and date of death.

She's going to have the tattoo artist draw up what he can do. If she doesn't like it she will get a second opinion.

Because this shit is permanent.

Xavier Onassis said...
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Green-Eyed Momster said...

I must be old because I remember when she wanted her navel pierced. :)


Poodles said...

That's awesome. In January, I got a tattoo of a diver touching a dolphin on my left shoulder (OK left shoulder down my back a bit) for my grandparents. My grandfather was a diver and my grandmother loves dolphins. It was done by a Fijian in a polynesian style so it kind of reflects the Hulk a bit. :)