Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Obama Endorses (finally) Same Sex Marriage

For those Neanderthals who have a problem with this and rant & rage about "THE WAR ON MARRIAGE!", let me dumb this down for you morons.

Let's say I'm marketing a product that is only available to a fraction of the people who want that product due to an arbitrary marketing barrier.

Let's say that my existing available market is declining because my customers have become disenchanted with my product and are pursuing other options.

If I can remove the arbitrary marketing barrier and make my product available to a consumer base that is hungry for my product, I can grow my franchise, reverse the decline and start to grow again.

That's the heart of Capitalism, right?  Supply and demand.

But what if my "product" is "The Institution of Marriage", my disenchanted product base are heterosexuals, and my emerging market are homosexuals?

How does opening my product to a new market constitute a "war" on my product?

If The Institution of Marriage is on the decline, and there are people who want to get married but can't, how does allowing them to get married threaten The Institution of Marriage?  Doesn't it strengthen The Institution of Marriage by making it more inclusive and inviting in more participants?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm no fan of marriage.  Been there, done that (twice), probably not doing that again.

But if gay people want to share in the common heterosexual experience of being legally and financially shackled to a screaming, moody, psychotic partner to whom you have granted the power to deny you sex, make your every waking moment a living hell, and hold half of everything you own hostage to their satisfaction because you forgot to take out the trash, left the lid off the toothpaste or put the toilet paper on backwards, well, who are we to deny you your bliss?

Open the door!  Let them in!  Enjoy!

But be careful what you ask for.  You might just get it.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

This has little to do with bliss and much to do with $$$. After all, you don't have to be married to live blissfully together, but you have to be married to get the FEDERAL benefits married people have such as filing a joint return, estate tax exemptions, etc.

Therefore, I propose that the laws be changed to allow the same federal benefits for everyone, regardless of marital status. Flat tax. No deductions. The same estate tax percentage no matter who you leave your money to, etc. and whatever else federal applies.

Kevin said...

A flat tax is such a regressive tax I can't believe that folks are still falling for this scam.

If gays want to get married it does not threaten my marriage in any way. If the repugs who have been married 4 times or so try to sell this garbage it is time for real people to put a stop to it.

Ducky's here said...

XO, as an aside, here's a link to my photostream on Flickr.

I'm pretty happy with some of the recent stuff since I went back to primarily B&W.

Let me know what you think.

Motorcycle John said...

You FUCK! I came here to steal a photo of a transvestite with asswipe (because Google said I could), and then you hold me hostage with your thinly disguised intellect masquerading as Wimpty-Azs WMTIAZS (White Man Trapped In A Zoned Subdivision).

I'm still laffing m'ass off!

I rode into Missouri in 1993 on a murder-cycle soz I could bathe in the fecal-matter laced waters of the Mississippi, toss a few sand bags in Ste Genevieve for shits & grins, and see the Twainsters birthplace - but came away with a profound respect for the honest observations of all you Mule-heds.

Motorcycle John

Anonymous said...

wow now I can sleep tonite knowing this. Finally so many can rest easy without their Ambien, knowing that their haloed president is watching over them.
Who needs food,we can live on love.

Although his 'policy' is still the same as Romney's.

Glad to see Nobel Peace Prize Winner "finally" agreeing with Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

The Institution of Marriage has been a Civil/Legal union for thousands of years.
In the christian World, the religious connotation within marriage has only been around since the 14th Century.

Therefore temporal precedent would hold that the religious intrusions on the institution of marriage are invalid.

But fuck me if it doesn't make me puke when I see two gorgeous guys kissing when they could have me!

Anonymous said...

In other words, the next time some god-botherer starts bothering you about the 'Sanctity of Marriage' and all that shite, ask the cunt:

"If marriage is so fucking 'sanctified' why the fuck did the church wait 1,300 +/- years AFTER the heretofore historically unattested life, death and resurrection of their god to start fucking with it?"

You might want to refrain from the use of the profanity though.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Aquarian.

Person A: I want to get married.

Person B: You can't, because its against my religion.

Person A: Why do I have to live by the rules of your religion? Don't you believe in 'free will'?

I also agree with XO. Gays seem to be the only people who want to get married.