Thursday, November 15, 2012

Republican Humiliation and Benghazi Overreaction

Republicans just don't get it.

The American people have spoken. The Republican/Conservative/Right Wing/Evangelical approach to governing and solving problems has been tossed on the ash heap of history. They are no more relevant than the Whigs.

 They're done.

They'll never win another major election because the demographics of the country have changed and their political DNA is all about NOT changing ANYTHING, EVER!

So like rats escaping from a sinking ship, they are all clinging to this one floating Benghazi plank that they think will keep them afloat until the midterm elections.

But pile enough rats on a small piece of wood and one of two things will happen.

1) The weight of their desperation will sink their pathetic little raft and they will all drown.

2) In an effort to avoid the first scenario, they'll start feeding on each other and throwing each other overboard.

Either way, they're doomed.

Without tossing out their Core Conservative Convictions, they cannot ever win the growing Gay Vote, the growing Hispanic Vote, the Middle Class Vote, the growing Atheist Vote, or the run of the mill, intelligent, rational human being vote. And they will NEVER win the Female Vote as long as they insist on trying to control a woman's reproduction choices. The only way you get to manipulate a woman's vagina is if you are invited there.

All they have to cling to is this Benghazi nonsense. Enraged Muslims, in a country that was in the middle of a Civil War, overran an American Consulate...not an Embassy...a Consulate...and killed 4 people who willingly walked into harm's way.

The difference between a Consulate and an Embassy is significant. 

An Embassy is generally a large, semi-fortified, permanent presence in a foreign country with a large staff, heavy security, a contingent of Marines, a helicopter landing pad, secure communication links and most importantly, the cooperation and coordination of security matters with the hosting government.

A Consulate is more like a lone Ambassador renting some office space in another country surrounded by a few staffers and minimal security.

The Republican narrative goes something like this. The very second the first hostile shot was fired, Navy Seals called the President directly on some Navy Seal hotline and said "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK BY TERRORISTS! THE AMBASSADOR IS IN DANGER! SEND IN A PLATOON OF MARINES {WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE ALL ALONG} IMMEDIATELY!"

The President, who was apparently already in the Situation Room watching the entire thing unfold on live video feeds, took the phone call from the "crying and begging" Navy Seals on a speaker phone (since so many people seem to know about it) and told them to "Stand Down".

And then a MASSIVE COVER-UP ensued involving deliberately misinforming our U.N. Ambassador, sending her on a Sunday Morning Talk Show tour.

That is the biggest load of steaming bullshit ever concocted by a fading political party in a desperate effort to keep one last, slippery grasp on their last link to power.

They want to turn this into Watergate.

But Benghazi is like Lewinsky without an actual blow job.  It's all bullshit aimed at distracting people from the Obama Mandate going into a landslide 2nd term.

Good luck with that.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

It wasn't even close to a landslide. It was 2.5% The most conservative opinion of a landslide is 5% with at least 10% more realistic.

Unknown said...

Jools - In comparison to all of the hand wringing and kvetching on both sides about how microscopically close the race was and how we might not know who won on election night, we could have recounts and lawsuits and how we might have a repeat of Bush v Gore, the fact that we had a clear and decisive decision by the electorate EARLY on election night makes it a landslide in my book.

That may be the longest single sentence in history.

Xavier Onassis said...

Shit. Logged in under wrong account. The above was me, obviously.

I may not blog or comment as often as I used to, but I haven't faded into "Unknown" oblivion just yet. LOL!

Radioman KC said...

That was a good essay.

Anonymous said...


Ducky's here said...

You really think we're stuck with this Beghazi noise until the midterms, XO?

Can Knuckles McCain go the distance?

Morrison said...

Of course the Repubs are doomed.

And so are the Democrats, because at the end of Obama's term the National Debt will be over 20 Trillion Dollars, which Exceeds the Gross Domestic Product.

And since the country does not even make enough to pay its bills each year, the National Debt overall can never be paid.

Debts exceed Assets...with no means to pay it off.

That fits the definition of BANKRUPTCY.

Solution, Default or Print Money which will mean massive inflation.


That will finish the democrat party.