Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's Have A Forensic Debate

RESOLVED:  Monotheism has been the single most destructive concept of the last 4000 years.

POSTULATE 1: The introduction of Monotheism spurred opposing beliefs to rally around the cause "If there can be only One God, it MUST be MY GOD!" which caused every single war in human history.

POSTULATE 2:  If Polytheism had been allowed to persist as the norm, most historical wars would have been averted and BILLIONS of lives would have been saved.

POSTULATE 3:  Abram/Abraham should be put on trial for his role in 4000 years worth of crimes against humanity.  If convicted, his sentence should be served by his monotheistic philosophical descendants (Jews, Christians, Muslims).

CONCLUSION:  The rest of us can live our lives in peace and security.



Keith Sader said...

The Romans, the Greeks, the Hittites, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, ...

I can see where you researched this carefully and concluded that only monotheists were warmongers :-p

Noble Rot said...

Keith beat me to the punch, and but yeah. My first reaction is that you need to go back to history school.

Secondly, I don't think wars are fought because of religion, and but rather over competition for resources. Religion can be a powerful mechanism for motivation and control, though.

Noble Rot said...

The more I think about this, I would submit that History's Most Destructive Wars weren't caused to do with monotheism, or had monotheism only tangentially involved (i.e. Judaism wasn't a cause for WWII).

Also, why do you hate Jews so much?

Faith said...

It's funny, because yesterday as I was driving home from work, for some reason I started thinking about how odd life would be if I was as vehemently bothered by atheism as you are by those of us who have some sort of faith in God.

And it just wasn't something I could fathom. I don't care what other people believe in/don't believe. I just don't.

You don't think religion makes sense?* Cool.

Can we have a steak dinner together now? Because I think we can both agree that steak is delicious. And that is what matters so much more in my mind!

*I know it's not about it "making sense", but I'm trying to be consise in my response. I know that for you, it's more about science and everything, so please don't think I'm one of those idiot Christians that believes that science is a bunch of hooey. I'm not. I swear. ;)

Noble Rot said...

As an aside, if you're in to history in general (and military history in particular) I highly, highly recommend Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. They past 4 episodes have focused on the rise of the Mongolian Empire under Genghis Khan and the utter devastation (today, we would call it genocide) they wreaked from China to Russia and Europe (and none of it in anyway motivated by monotheism).

Seriously, this is probably the best history podcast, and actually the Best Podcast of ANY genre. I really do give it my highest possible recombination.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Been thinking about this.

I don't know anybody who likes war or wants war. I know there are some who do, but I don't know them, thankfully, and I don't want to know them.

Who wants terror and destruction? I don't. I sure don't want it for my family.

To blame religion tho? An excuse at best. I'm sure you know that's not at all unbelievable. Man can find an excuse for nearly anything if it suits him for whatever purpose.

War is tragic. People are killed, children die. I would venture to guess that everybody who comments here, and you, feel the same.

Xavier Onassis said...

Keith, Noble Rot & Jools - Yeah, I didn't research this at all. I just had a bug up my ass and decided to rub one out.

Faith - My anti-religion rants are NEVER about folks like you, or MySpiderWeb or any of the other people I know with sincere faith in God. What you believe or don't believe has no impact on me whatsoever and I don't begrudge you whatever comfort you derive from your faith.

Where I have a problem is with political leaders who have faith and want to base their leadership, i.e. power over me, on that faith.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, etc., etc., etc.

THESE are the ignorant fucktards that MUST be kept out of power at all costs. Not by prohibiting them from participating, but by exposing what they actually believe to be true so voters can make a decision whether they want that person passing laws and enforcing policies that affect the lives of people who DON'T believe Jesus is coming back to rule the world from Independence, or that in the case of "legitimate rape" women can't get pregnant, or pregnancy by rape is "God's will".

If they want to believe that silly shit in their private lives, fine. But if they want to govern other people, those people have a right to pass judgement on what they believe.