Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UPDATE In The Misty Horner Case!

  For those of you with short memories a quick recap. The following background came from reporting done by KMBC back in 2007.
"Misty Horner died on Jan. 9 [2007], apparently of septic shock. The month before, she had delivered a stillborn child in her Lee’s Summit home. “Misty had contractions from Saturday all the way through to Friday,” Moore said. “A whole week.” At the end of that week, on Friday, Dec. 1, the baby came out breach and was hanging out backward, caught at the neck, Moore said. “Caleb [Horner, her husband and a Lee's Summit Police Officer] didn’t know what the heck he’s doing — he has no medical training, he’s not a doctor, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He takes the scissors and cuts her and performs an episiotomy. The baby finally comes out, and the baby’s dead,” Moore said. After that, she said her friend became ill suffering from septic shock. “The medical examiner told Caleb, ‘Caleb I understand your beliefs. All it will take is an antibiotic and Misty will be OK,’ and Caleb said no,” Moore said. A month later, Misty Horner died."
In a nutshell, Caleb Horner allowed his baby daughter and his wife to die because his fucked up religious beliefs, which he got from his brother John Horner, prohibits having anything to do with doctors or drugs. They rely completely on PRAYER. For EVERYTHING.

I first wrote about this case back in August of 2007 when the LSPD was dragging it's feet, covering for one of their own while Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Kanatzar was deciding whether or not to file any charges against Caleb. Kanatzar ultimately decided to give Caleb Horner a free pass and NOT charge him with negligent homicide. Here is the definition of negligent homicide:
"Negligent homicide is a charge brought against persons, who by inaction, allow others under their care to die."
Caleb Horner should be in fucking jail. But he's not. He's out walking free.

He did eventually lose his job with the LSPD. He filed a wrongful termination case against the LSPD which he LOST.

But there is hope that some small measure of Justice may finally be wrapped around the necks of Caleb and John Horner in the form of a wrongful death civil case filed by Misty Horner's family in December of 2009.

That case is going to trial THIS WEEK! Jury selection was completed today.

According to casenet, John Horner, Caleb Horner and their sister Wendy Nield, along with about 10 other peripheral players are all named as defendants.

The plaintiffs have one hell of an attorney!  Holy Fuck, he is one tough, experienced sonofabitch! I would not want to be on the receiving end of his Righteous Wrath! GODDAMN! I wouldn't want any part of this badass bulldog! Do what he say! Do what he say!

So with any luck at all, we may finally see Caleb Horner, John Horner and their whole batshit crazy, Westboro/Phelps-wannabe, criminally negligent asses held accountable for their actions and shine a spotlight on their ridiculous little inbred religious cult that is related to the death's of at least 3 children and 2 adults.

The first documented infant death related to this cult's stupid fucking ignorant belief's was John Horner's own son, one a of his twin boys born in Springfield, MO in the early 90's.

Same situation.

He refused to allow his wife or infant to get medical help and a baby died.

Tragically, John's ex-wife and the mother of that infant recently committed suicide. That's two death's.

The next death was Victory Rose Halbert, the daughter of one of John Horner's "church" members.  This 6 year old girl coughed blood for a week while her parents refused to get medical attention because of their "religious" beliefs. Victory died in 2004. Here is her picture.

That's 3 people dead because of John Horner's religious teachings. Sydney Horner, his own niece, was number 4. Misty Horner, his sister-in-law, was number 5. And those are just the ones we know about.

John Horner still has a ministry and is very active in Mexico.

Maybe folks will take a page out of the Fred Phelps playbook and start publicly protesting and boycotting the Horners in all their endeavors. If you want to follow the case in the publicly available records, it is 0916-CV37202 on casenet.

Here's hoping Justice will finally be served and Misty, Sydney and their family can find some peace.


Ann said...

The entire clan are fricking nuts!

Bat shit crazy Wendi believes that her dead son is going to come back to her someday, like he is the second coming of Christ.

They all have a shit load of kids so that they can smile thier retarded smiles and say " see how much GOD has blessed us".

If someone dies it's because they had "unforgivness or sin in their heart"

For anyone who wants to come in and try to defend them. Don't bother. I speak the truth as someone who has met these "bat shit crazy nutcases".
Provide us with a LEGAL marriage certicate of Caleb and Misty. You can't do it.
When you make comments that all the Horner clan did was "be there for Misty during her time of need by attending her home birth", tell the entire truth, that she was dying and you did nothing but pray for her refusing to get her medical help because it went against your warped beliefs that you got from the equally nutty John Lake.

I hope John's first (and only legal wife Amy( is finally at peace) I have thought of her often over the years and was saddened to learn of her passing As for his other "wife", why in the hell does she stay in contact with this cult?

Xavier Onassis said...

Ann - By Wendi do you mean John and Caleb's sister?

She also has a dead child because of John's "religion"?

That would bring the known death toll up to 6.

Do you have any details you can share?

Ann said...

Yes, Wendi is Caleb and Johns sister. She along with another sister, Amber, were present during the homebirth of Sydney. Both of them are also involved in the wrongfull death lawsuit bought by Misty's parent's.

Just to get something clear... This is not about money for the Mansfield family. This is to make the Horner cult/clan take the responsibility for Misty's and Sydney's deaths.

Had the JackASS prosecutor, brought charges against these murderers, then I don't believe you would be seeing a lawsuit today.

No charges in the little girls death,(Victory) no charges in Misty or Sydney's deaths. Guess if you want to get away with murder you do it in Jackson County, MO

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Wow. Justice will not be served by a monetary reward alone, but at least it's something. They're no better than Jim Jones or other nutcases who purport to be whatever religion...in my book they're sure not Christians.

Ann said...

No justice will never be served, but at least these murderers will have this hanging over their heads for the rest of their lives.

At least Misty's story will finally be told and the world will know the truth sbout the Horner/Nield/Leathers clan.

And hopefully, HOPEFULLY it will bring her family some peace at last.

Anonymous said...

Badass bulldog is not a big enough compliment.
Dan is THEE PITBULL of the legal world.
I told him today, and will continue to tell everyone , DAN IS A HERO!!!!!

Xavier Onassis said...

It's getting hard to keep track of the growing number of dead bodies that can be laid at the feet of John Horner and his deadly cult as more and more facts are uncovered.

Here is the count so far:

1) Keilah--- daughter of Amy Patyton and John Horner--stillborn

2) Jeremiah David Wayland--stillborn

3) Samual Biggs--stillborn

4) Andrew-stillborn, son of Wendi and Mike Nield

5) Sydney Mansfield- daughter of Misty. (since Misty and Caleb were never legally married lets use Mansfield as her last name)

6) Victory Rose Halbert 5 1/2 years old, daughter of Kim & Tracey Halbert. died of Fatty Acid Oxidation disorder after John Horner performed and exorcism on her which he calls a "deliverance"

7) Mark- adult who had kidney failure. John prayed for him

8) Judy Horner-- Mother of John Horner

9) Misty Mansfield

10) Amy Payton Cloud-- first wife of John. Killed herself because of John

That's a lot of dead people for a church.

JohnHorner is NUTS said...

And those are the ones we know about. How many more are there? Remember, John has a ministry in Mexico, there is even a video on the net showing him healing a mexican woman. PRAISE THE LORD, it's a miracle!!

John is even more bat shit crazy then I thought he was. If you do a search on the net you will find his manifesto's.

John believes that woman should be submissive to their husband, or if not married their "spiritual shepherd". According to John "Every godly woman who desires to be honored in heaven as Sarah is, (I Pet. 3:4-6) must first reject this country's premise for "liberty"-- Now what this means is this--Liberty is not in a lady with a torch in a harbor!! Liberty is not in a lady that gave birth to a savior!! She (Mary) admitted she needed a savior for her sin!! (Lk. 1:47). LIBERTY IS NOT

Any woman who will not subject themselves to being ruled by a man is a Jezebel.

John sets and acts quite proud in the courtroom that his "doctrines" are being discussed. He's probably hoping to win over some Jezebels.

This man has been described as handsome and charasmatic. Wrong! This man is creepy! When he looks at you, you can feel your skin crawl.
The entire Nield/Horner clan has this same " all the lights in the house are on but no one is home" look.
Or as was discussed by several, they have the robotic movements and vacant stares like the children in the movie "Children of the Corn".

John believes he walks with no known sin sorta like he who walks between the rows. In the movie "Children of the Corn" the children survice, in the Horner cult, the children are the first to die

Ann said...

As reported by Channel 4 news.

The civil trial involving a former Lee’s Summit, Mo., police officer is underway in Independence, Mo. The parents of Misty Mansfield Horner, who died after a month-long illness following the stillborn birth of her daughter, is suing her husband, Caleb Horner, and others in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Prosecutors have declined to file criminal charges against Horner, Misty’s husband, because they weren’t convinced that Misty wanted to seek medical treatment. Misty’s parents, Darrell and Gail Mansfield, disagree. They said she was brainwashed believe Caleb and others are responsible for her death.

Misty’s best friend, Tina Moore, testified that she was in the room when Misty gave birth to a stillborn daughter. Moore said she, too, believes Caleb is responsible for Misty’s death.

Caleb was a Lee’s Summit, Mo., police officer. He and his brother, John, began a religious organization that does not believe in hospitals or modern medicine. According to Moore, their religion required Misty to be submissive to Caleb at all times. In December 2006, Misty went into labor. According to Moore, Caleb hired two midwives who were unqualified to deliver a baby Moore said they asked her to look up information in guide books. According to Moore, Misty was in labor for days. The baby, named Sydney, was breached and did not survive the delivery.

Moore said Caleb’s brother used scissors to perform an episiotomy. Misty later became infected with sepsis. According to Moore, Misty’s family and friends begged Caleb to take her to the doctor, but Caleb refused. Misty died 31 days later.

“Misty could not get medical treatment because Caleb would not let her,” Moore said. “It was decided among him and his family that she was going to die.”

Misty’s parents said they were kept away from their daughter, but when they finally saw her, it was apparent that she was dying. They asked Caleb Horner to take her to the hospital, but they say he refused, calling the situation “God’s will.” Witnesses said at one point, Misty put her clothes on to go to the hospital, but was convinced that she just needed to believe in God’s healing power.

During her testimony, Moore said Caleb blamed the baby’s death on Misty’s family, calling it “generational sin” and that it was God’s way of punishing them.

One of the midwives has settled out of court with Misty’s family for $300,000. The other midwife and Caleb’s family are a part of the civil lawsuit that is expected to end this week.

Ann said...

Both of the midwives are John and Caleb Horners sisters.
Wendi Nield of Blue Springs, MO and Amber Leathers of Eldorado Springs, MO.
Wendi is the one who settled. She is also the only one who had an attorney, the other cult members are representing themselves

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I'm sure the lawyer must know that lay midwifery is illegal and considered a felony in Missouri. However, I don't know when that law was enacted.


Ann said...

A Jackson County jury awarded $108 million Friday in a civil trial stemming from a Lee’s Summit woman’s infection-related death in 2007 following a failed home delivery that lasted four days.

Gail and Darrell Mansfield of Kingsville, Mo. brought the wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that members of a religious group botched the delivery of their daughter’s stillborn child, allegedly used unsterilized scissors in an attempt to deliver the infant, and then kept her from receiving medical attention over the following month.

The child, Sydney, died Dec. 6, 2006.

The Mansfields’ daughter, Misty Mansfield, died 31 days later when blood poisoning and infection reached her heart and uterus, according to the death certificate.

The Jackson County prosecutor at the time investigated Mansfield’s death and found insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone had prevented Mansfield from seeking medical help.

The civil suit alleged that defendants told Mansfield it was normal for delivery to last for four or five days, ignored “clear physical signs” that her infant was breech, and at one point cut Mansfield’s vagina with unsterilized household scissors.

Danny Thomas, representing the Mansfields, described the defendants as cult leaders who isolated and brainwashed their members, including Misty Mansfield.

“I’ve never seen a case where the liability is so clear,” Thomas said during his closing statements. “I have never seen people so delusional, so arrogant.”

The defendants, Thomas added, “cut her with a pair of ditry household scissors…Who in the world are these people?”

iWhile he conceded that the defendants’ financial resources remained unclear, Thomas added that he wanted to “send a message” that the defendants needed to be held accountable.

Thomas also said that John Horner, a defendant he identified as the group’s leader, needed to be stopped.

“What an absolute sociopath,” Thomas said, later urging the jury to “Put him out of business.”

John Horner, like the other defendants, represented himself during the trial. His brother, Caleb Horner, was married to the victim, though her family claimed it was not a legal marriage.

On Friday John Horner told jury members that he had discovered a personal manner of living, involving natural foods as well as a fervent Christian faith, that had kept him free of illness for more than 12 years. He felt compelled, he added, to share this discovery with others.

“That’s all I ever did,” he said. “I said ‘Here is what I found...’”

A jury verdict that would find him negligent, he added, could result in a chilling effect on religious Americans who want to share their faith with others.

“Do we want America to be that way?” Horner asked. “Will people in this country still have the right to believe what they want to believe?”

Horner also told jury members that the plaintiffs’ lawyers had failed to establish a direct link from him and the other defendants to the infection that killed Misty Mansfield. He denied, Horner added, that he prevented Mansfield “from making a fully informed decision.”

Horner’s brother, Caleb, described in the lawsuit as having married Misty Mansfield in a religious ceremony, told jury members that he had cut Mansfield’s vagina in an effort to expedite the delivery of the child.

“Did I cut Misty?’ asked Caleb Horner. ”Yes.“

But, he added, ”I did what I believe what had to be done to save the life of my child.“

Caleb Horner also stood up for the preservation of individual religious rights. During a 10-year career as a police officer, he said, he often had seen individuals decline treatment or transport to a hospital. ”I knew they had that right,“ he said.

In that same way, he added, ”Misty made choices. Some didn’t line up with those that her friends and family believe.“

Caleb Horner is a former Lee’s Summit police officer later fired by the department.

Danny Thomas said...

Thank you for following the story and keeping Misty's fight going!

Xavier Onassis said...

Danny - Thank YOU for being a tenacious pit bull and pursuing justice for the family. Something Jim Kanatzar lacked the balls to do. I would very much like to shake your hand, sir.

It pleases me to think that every time John Horner passes the collection plate among his insane little cult, the legal hand of Danny Thomas will be reaching into that plate and handing the money to the Mansfield's.

Put liens on every bit of personal property the Horners own. Garnishee every penny they earn. Destroy them.

I wish there was a way to unleash your super powers against that batshit crazy Phelps clan in Topeka!

Well done sir. Well done indeed.

Danny Thomas said...

Thank you very much. I've enjoyed following your blog. Believe me, as my email to them stated, I will not rest until they are completely financially ruined. And if a Westboro case ever comes into my office I am up for that fight as well. As a former active duty Marine, these people disgust me! It is a completely different legal challenge but that has never stopped me before!

Xavier Onassis said...

Danny - You remind me of Tommy Lee Jones' Col. Hodges in "Rules of Engagement"

Colonel Hayes Hodges: You ever had a pissed-off Marine on your ass?

National Security Advisor William Sokal: Is that a threat?

Colonel Hayes Hodges: Oh, yes, sir.

Go get 'em!

Morrison said...

An Atheist Doctor killed my dad with his incompetence.

But a Christian Lawyer made him pay mom big bucks.

Morrison said...

You are moderating posts?

You little pussyman.