Monday, May 08, 2006

Lesbians' brains respond like straight men

Guess this is scientific proof that:

Lesbians are control freaks who won't let anyone else touch the remote.

Lesbians won't ask for directions.

Lesbians won't take out the trash without being asked "nicely" a hundred times (and then will brag about doing it afterwards).

Lesbians will never finish what they start.

Lesbians always leave the toilet seat up (Ewww!).

Lesbians get really turned on thinking about lesbians (DUH!)

Lesbians say "Uh huh" and "you betcha" a lot while completely ignoring the droning buzz coming from their partners.

Lesbians main reason for owning a computer is to download porn.

P.S. - I searched for a picture to post for this entry by doing a Google search on "lesbians" but it came back with every fucking site on the Internet, locked up my computer, froze my ISP and took out cable service for all of Clay County.

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red101 said...

Point of note...this study was only conducted on RIGHT HANDED lesbians.