Friday, May 05, 2006

Video Shows Al-Zarqawi Fumbling With Rifle

This cracks me up! What a pig-fucker this guy is.

Know who he reminds me of?

White, Johnson County suburban kids wearing baggy-ass jeans around their knees, hands on their crotches, wearing crooked fucking hats and trying to be all "gangsta" while living in a $300,00.00 house and getting a 3 figure "allowance".

What a fucking poser! A wannabe!

Big pussy!


Roldy said...

I know. What a pompous buffoon.

But it does begs the question: if he is so incompetent then what does that make our forces who are after him? Why hasn't the kick ass military, well, kicked his ass...?

It is kind of like a hungry coyote making fun of a rabbit as the rabbit dissappears down its hole for the hundreth time. I'd stay quiet if I was them until they've caught him.

emawkc said...

" dressed in a black uniform but wearing New Balance tennis shoes ..."

Hey, New Balance are good shoes, but for the Mountains? I think he should have gone with some Timberlands.

Xavier Onassis said...

Roldy - good fucking point! "Look at this incompetant, bumbling asshole that we are totally incapable of stopping."

Certainly sends a mixed message to the Evil Doers, don't it!

Emaw - Even better than Timberlands would be some of them good ol' Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Desert Storm Combat Boots. I think they actually come with instructions on how to fire a machine gun. Or at least warnings about not grabbing a freshly fired one by the barrel.

Anonymous said...

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