Sunday, May 27, 2007

Honoring Those Who Served

“It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” - Norman Schwarzkopf"

No politics today. No angry rants.

Instead I offer quiet, heartfelt, gratitude and respect.

I am in absolute awe of our children. I call them children because from a distance of half a century, so they seem. So young, with so much energy, exuding such passion, so much promise, so full of life.

And yet, they are willing to put all of that at risk, to lay their very lives on the line for America.

For us.

They have been doing that since the Revolutionary War and they continue to do it today. It doesn't matter who sent them into battle or why.

It is the fact that they are willing to go for a cause.

I think the reason we call on our young to serve in the military is because they are still able to Believe. They haven't had time to become cynical. They are still capable of wrapping their hearts around lofty principles.

Having come of age at the tail end of Vietnam, I remember the draft very well. When I look at our military today, I sometimes have to pinch myself and remember that this is an all volunteer military. Every single man and woman in uniform is there because it's what they believe in and it's what they want to do. They feel that it is their Honor and their Duty, to Serve.

To Serve America.

To Serve us.

And every one of them is someone's son or daughter.

I try to be a good man. I care for those close to me, I offer such help as I can, where I can to those in need, I try to be true to what I believe and I try (and generally fail) to not be guilty of hypocrisy, hubris or cruelty. But I never have, and never will, accomplish anything in my life that is worth the sacrifice of a single American soldier.

But they do it anyway.

Because they Believe.

They Believe it is their Honor and their Duty to Serve America. To Serve and Protect us. You. Me.

On this Memorial Day I just want to offer a very humble and heartfelt thank you from a most unworthy and undeserving citizen to every man and woman who has ever donned the uniform and served their country.

To those who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice, and their families, I have no words. There are no words worthy. All I have to give, is my heart


SmedRock said...

Eloquent. And thanks, you do not know how much that means to those who serve. Hard to describe. But in the odd event they are not able to respond. I can and will. Thanks for that post.

They will never ask for your thanks, and that is where the beauty of the service lies. So it really touches them when a stranger walks up and lets them know they are still a hero to someone.

Can I have a hug? :)

travelingal said...

And, you did, indeed, do them honor.


Spyder said...

Well said! Think I'll send a "Thank You" email to a few friends.

crse said...

Wow this was profound. This memorial day feels more powerful than its ever been for me. I dont know quite why but I too, am grateful for those real life heroes.