Friday, June 01, 2007

The Lion In Winter

This is the best movie ever made. I watch this movie at least once a year. This is the ultimate chracter-driven movie. The dialogue, the interactions, the sub-plots, the subterfuge, it is just incredible!

Cliff Notes: King Henry II

let's his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine,

out of prison and summons his sons, princes Richard (a.k.a. Richard The Lion Heart),

Geoffrey (scheming little shit tossed into the cesspool of history)

(nobody bothered to paint the fucker)

and John

(the same King John who would sell out all of British Monarchy by being a big pimply pussy and signing the Magna Carta)

to a big, happy, Christmas dinner at their French palace of Chinon.

Where Machiavellian scheming, perfectly crafted dialogue and medieval hilarity ensues.

Just for shits and giggles, Henry also invites King Phillip II of France, whose sister Alys (who was supposed to marry Henry's son, the future King Richard The Lionheart...who was actually gay...) he has been boinking since she was a young teen.

Confused? Good! This is complicated shit.

I now take the lazy way out by cutting and pasting many delicious clips from said masterpiece in lieu of my own creativity.

Okay, now for the good shit.

Go rent this movie! Buy this movie!


Stinkbait Boucher said...

Leap of faith. Any movie that inspires that much work has to be worth a look. I shall do so and report back.

I'm also going to have to pick up on the Chinon thing. Believe it or not I have "Chinon" stories and they involve in-laws, Gargantua and a lot of scotch.

Thank you for helping dig up *THOSE* memories!

Xavier Onassis said...

I always thought it was intriguing that a story about such pivotal English characters had such geographically French roots.

Explains a lot about the whole British/French rivalry thing.

Xavier Onassis said...

You know, I've never encountered anyone with Chinon issues.

I look forward to being enlightened.

Spyder said...

Hubby & I love this movie. It may be time to watch it again. I love the part where she talks of riding naked & hanging jewelery from her nipples. And the part about the year and that they all have knives.

Xavier Onassis said...

I love the part where she admits (lies?) about screwing his father, he leaves the room puking, she collapses in exhaustion and says "Well, what family doesn't have it's ups and downs?"

crse said...

This is an AWESOME movie. I havent seen it in years and need to watch it again....