Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reincarnation as ΔU=Q+W

As you no doubt know, I'm a pretty rational guy. I don't go in much for the spiritual stuff. I'll buy into the notion of a soul and an afterlife just as soon as a physicist wins the Nobel Prize for proving their existence. Until then, it would be generous to call me a skeptic.

However, IF I were spiritually inclined, the idea of a reincarnation powered karmic-wheel-of-life type of model holds a certain appeal to me. Sort of fits in with the whole closed-loop, First Law of Thermodynamics model where nothing is created or lost, it just changes states.

Makes MUCH more sense than some bearded, all-powerfull Sky-Daddy tuned in to a Universal Prayer CB, 24/7, deciding whether to grant or deny someone's request for Divine Intervention on the selection of lottery ticket numbers or the outcome of a football game.

Having said that, I must point out a phenomena I've noticed among reincarnation advocates. They all seem to be "reincarnates" of famous or notable people.

Marie Antoinette.


An "Indian Princess".

I have yet to meet a self proclaimed "reincarnate" who claimed to have been a gas master at Auschwitz.

Instead of hearing "In a previous life I was Queen Elizabeth's handmaiden", I would like to hear someone fess up to the fact that

"In a previous life, I was an itinerate shit-shoveler who traveled by foot, with my only possession (a shit encrusted shovel) from town to town where I mucked stables for an apple and a piece of moldy bread. I died, unloved and without a friend in the world or a penny to my name, at the age of 17 from a huge infected boil on my ass. If I had a name, neither I nor anyone else remebers what it was. I barely existed at all."

That would lend a bit of credence to the idea, wouldn't it?


SmedRock said...

Shit shovelers back in the day were the ruling class. If they stopped, we would have all died. What a noble people.

I would probably the piss boy from the History of the World series. At least he got paid.

emawkc said...

Here's my problem with reincarnation; IN 1800, the world population was roughly 1 billion people. Now, it's about 3 billion. So if souls are essentially recycled, how do you account for the additional 2 billion souls. Were they reincarnated from animals or insects? If so, then you would expect a corresponding drop in the animal/insect population. But that would mean we'd have to be causing a helluva lot more extinctions than we are, even now.

Nuke said...

OOoooh emawkc wins against reincarnation!

I can't believe with all the philosophy that some of my friends discuss that I have never heard that argument.

Thanks }:-

James Hart said...

What's sad is that I instantly recognized the alien Nazi from an old "Enterprise" episode.

KC Sponge said...

Hey XO - Have you seen "In the Shadow of the Moon" yet?

Xavier Onassis said...

Sponge - No, I haven't. But I want very much to see it. Have heard wonderful things about it.

Faith said...

I was once told by a "psychic" that I was a baker in a past life. I literally baked and baked for about 17 hours a day, down in a kitchen that was sub-street level in Europe somewhere. I felt unappreciated and unhappy in the position, apparently, and I can honestly say that this all made perfect sense to me since I don't like baking much in this life, and when I do try to bake, I tend to burn things.

But I coulda been a butterfly in a past life, too. That would have been nice...

travelingal said...

Human? could be reincarnated as an ant or a cat or a cow...

better be could be milked or squashed or ...if you're really bad sushi

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I think that emawkc finally helped me figure this out. The explanation is right there waiting to be plucked: only famous, powerful people are reincarnated after all.

Nightmare said...

My mother had my Aura read a long time ago and I was told that I had a extremely OLD soul and that I was here on this plain of existence numerous times. I was also told I once was a woman in a previous life.

Kinda explains the boob fascination.

I'd like to think that everyone was someone unimportant because all of the important people should be in Hell living out their own nightmares.

Emawkc- DINOSAURS!! that is where all of the "Other" souls come from!!

crse said...

THANK YOU NIGHTMARE, as emawkc basically crushed my belief system with his logic. Seriously? I am embarrassed that i know this but most of the time you do hear about the shit shovellers and bakers when folks recount their experiences. I can say no more without sounding way flakier than i am. Also XO these clips explain why my google reader freezes when i try to load the page. my google reader is fearful of your blasphemy!