Monday, October 08, 2007

The Big Move - Prep Day 1

Okay, it isn't really just Day 1 since I have been preparing for a while. But I am off work this week and it is crunch time. I have a list, I have a schedule and I have a plan. That's the only way to keep the panic at bay.

My original plan was to have Two Men and a Truck move just 6 or 7 very specific pieces of furniture. Then I was going to pick up a U-Haul and transport the rest myself.

That has now changed. I cancelled the U-Haul and told TMaaT that they would be moving everything. The difference in price was minimal, but the difference in effort was substantial. Plus, the difference in price was pretty much offset by the following.

A couple of weeks ago I announced I was having a garage sale and mentioned that I had " all the greatest books of Western Civilization. All of them! Fitty bucks!"

The day of the garage sale I was pricing hardbacks at 50 cents, paperbacks at 25 cents. The entire Great Books Collection could have been had for $25.00. No takers. Such is the state of snooty intellectual elitism in suburbia. I guess no one wants to get busted reading Thomas Aquinas in the crapper at the speedway between NASCAR races.

Saturday, I contacted a book dealer who was interested in the set. I had to drive out to 175th St. in western Olathe, but it was worth the trip. He offered me $200.00 and I snatched it out of his hand and ran like a little bitch.

On the way back I dropped off a couple of old cell phones at Hope House and a couple of bags of books at Liberty Hospital.

I still need to get rid of my dining room set. I don't have room for it and don't want to pay to have it moved. It's a nice set.

I bought it brand new for $1600.00 just over 2 years ago. Only used it about half a dozen times when I had the family over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the time I eat in front of the TV like all Good Suburbanites. The price has been steadily falling. The current and final price is $500.00 for the complete set.

I also have some miscelleneous kitchen, clothing and household items that I would just give to someone who was in need. I have a serious Sir Galahad Syndrome.

On top of all the move stuff going on, I am also taking over the management of my mother's finances. She is 74 years old and is no longer able to balance her checkbook properly. She doesn't understand that the available balance the bank shows does not reflect any outstanding checks. So I have that going on.

Would love to chat more, but I need to go pack/clean/sort/sell/throw away some stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!


thepaintman said...

thats a nice set. Somebody will buy it.

crse said...

I agree. Its a damn nice set. If its any consolation, your mother and I struggle with the same financial concepts. And Im 37.