Saturday, March 08, 2008

Presidential Hypocrisy

One of my favorite commentors, travelingal, called bullshit of sorts on one of my previous rambling, tedious, bandwidth sucking, self-righteous rants.

She said

"Every President since F Roosevelt EXCEPT Bill Clinton served in the military. Bill is legendary for his maneuvers to get out of the draft while ripe for service in Viet Nam. But then, during Viet Nam over 50,000 US troops died and his odds weren't too good.

But, let's look forward:

Obama - 0 military service
Hillary - 0 military service
McCain - Vietnam war Hero

Think about it."

She's right. I don't deny it. Bill Clinton didn't serve in the military.

I mean, just look at the hippie motherfucker:

Not only did he inhale, he drank the fucking bong water! Clearly, this Rhodes Scholar and stoner with the nerdy girlfriend was not going to be enlisting. And, true to his nature, he didn't charge to any huge wars as president.

Now look at this fucker.

He wanted everyone to think he served, he wanted the paper record and the photo ops, but he never came closer to actual military service than Clinton did. It was a complete sham. He never even fulfilled the minimal duties required of a National Guardsman (MUCH less than what we require reflection on today's Guard intended) at the time. It was too hard for him. It interfered with his kegging and coke snorting.

BTW, Dick Cheney also never served in the military (several deferments (4), followed by a paternity deferment, did not serve "had other priorities than military service") and was fond of drinking and driving.

But this hypocritical fucker had absolutely zero hesitation or problem ordering thousands of brave U.S. soldiers to fight and die in the same type of conflict that he was too chickenshit to throw himself into.

And then he goes and plays action-figure dress up, climbs in the passenger seat of a Navy SB-3 Submarine Hunter, has an ACTUAL Naval Aviator land him on the deck of an aircraft carrier (something he NEVER fucking did), and then struts out with his helmet like he actually did something and has the brass balls to declare "Mission Accomplished".

I don't much care whether anyone chooses to serve in the military or not. Nor do I think that choosing not to serve should exclude you from being president.

But if you PRETENDED to serve in the military and then pussed out when the going got tough, don't you DARE be cavalier about committing REAL soldiers to REAL dangers for completely bogus reasons in an illegal conflict for your own grandiose religious and geopolitical pursuits.

As an American citizen with over 32 functioning brain cells, that pisses me off and insults my intelligence.


Stinkbait Boucher said...

Great. Now you got me all pissed off again - just in time for bed. I hold you responsible for making my dog sleep on the floor tonight.

"No End In Sight" - Oscar for best documentary of the year I think. Goddammit you need to see this film.

Viewing of the film should be a requirement to vote.

Sadly, no-one will actually see it - certainly not the people who most need to see it.

Careful watching it though - your brain will assplode.

ps - it's not a liberal, Bush-bashing film. It's an objective, fact-based analysis of our current quagmire. Ok. potato-potato.

Xavier Onassis said...

stink - I just googled it and netflixed it and watched the preview. Very cool!

I currently have George Segal's "Where's Poppa?" in the house.

I have added "No End In Sight" to my Netflix queue and bumped it ahead of "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter".

It will be next up.

Thanks for the recommendation.

travel said...

Funny guy...

You're right, Bush screwed up royally thanks to keeping Clinton's appointed guy Tenent and for listening to the a-hole Rumsfeld..but I doubt either have to do with his lack of REAL military experience.

In any event, I give...for now...there's something on tv I want to see about serial


Winston Smith said...

Again, you guys are wrong. The F102 was one of the most dangerous and difficult planes to fly, and young Lieutenant Bush accumulated 278 hours behind the stick. Just getting the thing in the air was actually quite dangerous, and actually did fulfill an actual military objective of deterring the Soviets. You guys act like it was summer vacation at the hamptons. The truth is flying an F102 over some scrubbrush in west Texas in 1971 was actually quite a bit more dangerous than flying an FA-18 over Baghdad today. But in the deluded liberal democrat world, flying jets in the Air National Guard means you're a coward and a dumbass.

You guys kill me. Really, you do. SO WHAT if Al Quida had nothing to do with Iraq? Al Quida is the enemy, and THEY declared war on US. Iraq is just the venue.