Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Oh my jesus. We are takin the little car."

This was the text message from my daughter, young Galadriel Tanqueray Onassis (GTO) upon her discovery that the day trip to Omaha that she would making with her mother and step-father (whom she despises) would be made NOT in the spacious Jeep Cherokee which I bought her mother, but in the tiny and cramped Ford Focus.

I told her she could keep us both entertained today by taking pictures of stupid stuff and sending them to me.

Here is the first one.

Text from GTO: "Do you wanna know wats funny?"

Me: "What?"

GTO: "Askin them a question and then going back to my music and seein how long they keep talking."

At last report, she is playing air guitar in the back seat.

I love my little GTO.


Spyder said...

She is her father's daughter!

Nightmare said...

That is awesome!

Fiery said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That is awesome!

And you play proud father very well! :)

crse said...

Thats one awesome kid. In another world I would have proudly been her drinkin' buddy.