Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Because Its Been Awhile

Saw this meme over at Moxie Mama's. It looked quick and simple, so I figured what the fuck. Here ya go my peeps:

Getting To Know You Meme

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Living in Richmond, MO. in this house -

    Working for AT&T (from home...thats my office on the lower left corner...largest office I've ever had...only office I've ever had with massive old growth oak pocket doors [which locked], 12 foot ceiling, stained, lead-glass windows, and private bathroom with a gold-enameled claw-foot tub). Been married (for the 2nd time) for 5 years with a 4 year old daughter (my only child).

    2. Five things on my to do list for today.
    Wake up with the alarm
    Make it to the bus stop by 7:10.
    Do some work
    Leave work promptly at 4:30 to catch bus home
    Get my drink on

    The same five things that are on my to do list every. fucking. day. Except on weekends. Then I skip tasks 1-4. My little treat to myself.

    3. Snacks I enjoy.
    Is bourbon a snack? How 'bout scotch? Whisky? O.K., then, fuck it. Beer nuts. Although they wreak havok with my colon.

    4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire.
    First, I would pay off all my friends and families mortgages, establish college funds for all of their children, set aside a small monthly stipend for myself, and donate the rest to... HA! Fuck all that shit! I'd start spending that money like a drunken sailor. I'd buy this

    buy at least one of these

    take a ride into space on this muthafucker

    and die dead ass broke one year later from a heart attack caused by snorting coke off of Angelina Jolie's naked body

    while she is sprawled over the hood of my Pagani Zonda

    which I have had custom painted to look as much as possible like this

    after drinking an entire pot of this

    5. Places I have lived:
    This is so anti-climactic after 4 that I won't waste your time. G'night.


    meesha.v said...

    coincidentally, I am in business of eating coffee beans and just a day later selling them for their weight in silver. But you are welcome to a free cup.

    Xavier Onassis said...

    meesha - you are too kind, sir! Far too kind! I cannot accept your generous offer. Perhaps I could help you market your shitbeans elsewhere?

    meesha.v said...

    So if I do it it's "shitbeans" but some marsupial rat does it and it's suddenly a freaking delicacy. Not fair at all.

    DLC said...

    Bourbon is totally a snack.

    Spyder said...

    Not drinking coffee today! Yuck Thanks a lot!

    TraceyTreasure said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    TraceyTreasure said...

    Sorry about my deleted comment. I must not be awake yet.
    I love that house in #1! Very Nice! If I had a billion dollars, that's what my house would look like, only a little bigger!
    Skipping the coffee....I like tea!