Monday, June 09, 2008

This Cracked Me Up!

I added The Kansas Citian to my Google Reader after discovering him through Twitter (there are so many things in this one fucking sentence that make me such a colossal geek I don't even know where to begin).

He seems to be a conservative-leaning blogger so I'm waiting for him to BAN ME like the other ones have done (conservatives don't really like to hear opposing makes their tiny, reptilian brains itch).

But in the meantime, I couldn't help laughing my fucking ass off at this.

He has his panties in a twist because Cuba (a sovereign nation that can do whatever it pleases no matter how close it may be to Florida) has sold off-shore drilling leases to China.

Oh well!

Maybe we should have lifted the ridiculous embargo against Cuba decades ago and started talking to them and negotiating with them. Maybe we would be drilling there now. We could all be sitting at The Flying Saucer drinking exotic beers and smoking Cuban cigars. But NOOOO!

However, I digress. Here is the Money Shot from his post.

"China is trying to lock up resources around the world, and they are locking up resources in our own backyard where we can't even compete and play ball," Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) told the Sun-Sentinel. "This is simply wrong. I've had enough, and I believe the American people have had enough."

Ahem. Larry Craig is upset that people can't "compete and play ball" for "resources" in his "own backyard".

I have no doubt whatsoever that he would like to open up drilling to anyone willing to pay for it.

Hell, he might even be willing to open it up for free to anyone with a wide stance.

Some blogs really should have editors.

My blog should probably have an editor.


Stinkbait Boucher said...

I wonder if, perhaps, this gentleman just has a particularly dry sense of humor. (bear with me)

That is - he can clearly type, or at least direct someone to type for him, so severe brain trauma is out.

Could it be satire? Please let it be satire.

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...

XO- you HAVE to give Larry Craig a pass.

He has a w-i-d-e stance on everything!

As far as "conservatives"- one only has to look at a price on fuel or food- and gaze at a list of freedoms sacrificed to see how utterly and completely BOGUS their positions are.

Ask them "Where's Osama Bin Laden" and their eyes glass over with a shade of McCain.



cubicle gangsta said...

had i been drinking milk when i read your'e comment, you would owe me a new keyboard. he doesn't need any more peen piercings; one is enough. no, these will be rings for our fingers.

Anonymous said...

Im much more comfortable with stupid-bat-shit crazy than seemingly intelligent bat-shit crazy. Ergo, this man makes me very uncomfortable

Joe said...

We should have invaded Cuba a long time ago with Mc Donalds and Circus Circus (the casino chain) leading the way. The silly embargo has gone on decades too long and its only to appease a loud group of refugees who live in South Florida. We as a country reap what we sow.