Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Shit Cracks Me Up!

Republicans have been in a death spiral for the entire Primary Season. Now the Primary is over, the General is upon us, and the Republican party is facing up to some difficult realities.

"What? We're stuck with McCain? The most unConservative, unRepublican, unRightWing, unNeoCon, unFundie in the entire Republican party and he is our only choice over a black democrat who is the product of an interracial marriage and whose middle name is Hussein and his father was a Muslim from Africa? Are you fucking kidding me? We don't even get to run against the Clintons again? Fuck! That's all we know! What are we gonna do?"

As if that weren't enough, even the Republicans trusted blacks, The Good Blacks, are turning against them.

And still they can't face the fact that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the reason the tide is turning is because they were always wrong...from the very beginning. Their whole ideology was just, fucking wrong and history is finally catching up to them as they continue to live in denial.

Greed IS NOT good. Passing laws that make rich people richer and poor people poorer IS NOT in the best interest of the country. Invading other countries, hanging their leaders, destroying their infrastructure, and trying to shove our way of life down their throats at the point of a bayonet IS NOT a successful strategy. Allowing ANY citizen of the self-purported GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to live in poverty or go without basic health care (not just physical, but mental) IS NOT living up to the ideals set forth in the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights.

America IS the greatest country on Earth. The problem is that too many of us suck at being Americans and tend to vote for leaders that suck even more than we do at being Americans.

Let's hope that is about to change.


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Nightmare said...

I have never met a "delegate" so I have no idea how my vote counts. Until we get back to the popular vote , one person one vote kind of a thing then I will NEVER be convinced that my vote counts for a single fucking thing It is more like there are 541* people that get to pick a president and fuck the rest of the citizens in America.

*I'm guessing I have no idea what the delegate count is but I quickly added what I read on the CNN page about who was voting for whom.