Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Election Cycle Is Insanely Hysterical

Republicans/Conservatives/Right Wingers have been rabidly apoplectic for 2 years over the fact that an African American, Liberal Democrat was elected President, swept into power surfing a tidal wave of discontent, disgust and disapproval from a majority of the American people.

Not only did a majority of Americans vote Barack Obama into the White House, they voted Democratic candidates into control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Overwhelmingly, a majority of American Citizens told the Republicans "You suck, you fail, we're sick of you and we are kicking you the hell out of power. Get out of the way and shut the fuck up. The adults are taking charge."

But here's what's hilarious.

The Republicans/Conservatives/Right Wingers think that the reason they lost power is because they were TOO MAINSTREAM! They think they need to be more radically RIGHT WING, CONSERVATIVE and even LIBERTARIAN!

They think this is some sort of patriotic, grass roots movement fueled by outrage over Big Gummint Gone Wild.

What's sad (and hilarious) is that they are nothing more than puppets being manipulated by David and Charles Koch. The Tea Baggers are limp and mindless marionettes being manipulated by powerful men who don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about the protesters in cheap Benjamin Franklin costumes holding misspelled, racist signs.

Clearly, this is not a movement that is going to bring over the mythical "Reagan Democrat" swing voters.

This is an extreme, radical, hate-filled, far right wing fringe being manipulated by powers beyond their limited comprehension.

By embracing and electing the most extreme crazies in their party, they are sealing their own doom and consigning themselves to the trash heap of political history.

Pro Tip: When you find yourself in a hole (2008), STOP DIGGING!



Anonymous said...

Well said. The hate they sprew is disgusting and dangerous.

tacitus said...

You've got far more faith in the voting public than I do.

Remember, we live in a country where about half the population thinks the president is a Muslim (even though he smokes, drinks beer, eats pork, and attends a Christian church). WTF?

For reasons I don't really understand, Americans have a very, very short memory. Additionally (maybe related) many of the bad things that happened during the end of the Bush administration are implicitly blamed on the Democrats. By next year, the republicans will be talking about how much they miss the bush days.

In any event, 200 years is a pretty good run for a democracy.

Faith said...

tacitus, last I saw, the polls wee reading that about 26% or so of those polled were misinformed about Obama's religious preferences. And he doesn't attend a church...he hasn't picked one to go to in Washington yet. Again, maybe that's changed in the last few weeks, but that was what I read/what was reported on at least GMA recently.

XO, you know where I stand on politics, so I won't waste your time writing any kind of response to your post directly. Suffice it to say, there are idiots on BOTH ends of the spectrum, IMO. But I know you already know that, so I'll mosey along now...:)

Faith said...

WERE reading. Not "wee". What can I say? Proofreading comes in a distant third when I'm multitasking by reading/posting comments and eating lunch at the same time. Oof!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

The democrats tossed Fenty out..a guy who was honestly trying to improve the education system in D.C. The democrats gave a landslide to Rangel...a guy with multiple, serious ethics violations. The democrats threatened to make certain every one of their own congressmen(women) who voted against OBAMACARE would pay the price and not win their primaries and every single one of them won their primary anyhow.

Analyze that !

GB, RN said...

I'm looking at retiring in Belize, or Roatan. Seriously. They have programs set up for Americans who want to retire there. And you don't have to be rich to do it.

I figure that by the time I retire, the country will just be a hallowed shell of it's former greatness. Ran by fear-mongering extremists leading the massive ignorant, corn-holing demographic.

Xavier Onassis said...

tacitus - Actually, I don't have that much faith in the voting public. In addition to believing Obama is a Muslim, Americans also believe in a supernatural Sky Daddy, virgin birth, and life after death, they believe the moon landings were faked, that human-caused global climate change is a conspiricy to take away their SUVs, there are even "geocentrists" who claim Galilieo was wrong, the Church was right and that the earth is "fixed" in space and the rest of the universe revolves around us.

So no, I don't have any faith in the voting public. Just hope.

faith - Yeah, I know, these aren't your favorites posts. But thanks for reading anyway.

JOOLS - There was very little, if any, actual "analysis" in this post. It was mostly a whiskey-fueled rant triggerd by all of the tea baggers exaggerating the signifigance of their Primary wins and blathering on about The People Rising Up, a new American Revolution, taking back America, Evil Big Gummint, and blah, blah blah.

I'm a bit disappointed in Obama but not because he went to far, but because he didn't go far enough.

But I am still firmly convinced that we are SO MUCH better off now than we would be if McCain and Pailin had won the election.

Good God. Instead of reminding everyone what Bush did to get us into this mess, Obama should constantly remind everyone that Sarah Palin IS NOT a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I think 90% of Americans would say "Oh yeah. That was actually a possibility, wasn't it? Fuck! Never mind President Obama. You're A-OK in our book! Keep up the good job!"

GB,RN - I think historians will look back and say that America reached the peak of it's greatness between 1941 (when we entered WWII) and 1991 (the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism).

In other words, we were at our best when we had a strong, external enemy to battle. When we lost that, we turned on each other and tore ourselves apart.

If history is any indicator of the future (and it is), The United States will become to India and China what The U.K. is to the U.S. today. Essentially a vassal state that is financially and militarily dependant upon it's benefactors good will and financial co-dependency to remain viable.

Take solice in the fact that all of us (at least us old folks) can say that we lived during America's best years.

Because they were pretty fucking awesome.