Thursday, September 15, 2011

God Hates Prick Perry

Facing Record Droughts, Gov. Rick Perry Proclaims Official Day of Prayer for Rain

So Texas Governor Prick Perry prayed for rain.

"Gov. Perry won't acknowledge the vast body of scientific evidence that supports the fact that the climate is warming, and man is primarily to blame. His official position is that he doesn't think climate change is a problem. And he actively works to prevent climate action in his state, and has orchestrated Texas' lawsuit against the EPA for trying to enforce the Clean Air Act. His main aim is to prevent the agency from regulating greenhouse gases.

And then, when Texas has its worst droughts in 100 years, his official policy response is to pray for rain."

The result? Texas had the hottest summer ever recorded in the United States.

"Firefighters southeast of Austin, Texas, battled strong winds Monday as they struggled to gain ground against a fast-moving wildfire that has so far scorched some 25,000 acres and destroyed close to 500 homes.

Another fire in eastern Texas killed a mother and her 18-month-old child when flames engulfed their mobile home Sunday near Gladewater, the Gregg County Sheriff's Department said.

"We got a long way to go to get this thing contained," Gov. Rick Perry said about the fire raging near Austin. "I have seen a number of big fires in my life. This one is as mean looking as I've ever seen."

So this is the guy Republicans want to be President?

He has a better plan to get Americans working again than O'Bama?

Is he going to pray jobs into existence?

Because based on the evidence from Texas, I see 2 possible theories.

1: Prayer doesn't work.

2: Prayer DOES work, but God hates Prick Perry as much as everyone else.

In either case, this motherfucker should never, ever, be President of the United States.


Nessa Roo said...

That fire has destroyed over 1600 homes now, and is still going.
I agree with you. Rick Perry has no place in the White House. Many many Texans consider him to be a very dangerous man.

Faith said...

I don't understand his popularity at. all.

He frightens me enough to make me root for Obama to keep his job for another 4 years. I know! I'm as shocked as you are...

Anonymous said...

Man unless something really earth shaking happens we the American people are going to be so fucked come this next election.