Wednesday, January 04, 2012

OK. Fine.

I'll play along with your stupid fucking meme.

"Tell you what, we’ll just create one, call it the Flashback meme: post your last sentence from the last post for each month of 2011."

I had to cheat a little as some of my last posts for the month were all photos with no text. In those cases I picked the last one of the month that I actually said anything. OK, here goes!

Jan: "Now, if you'll excuse me, there's half of a ham and beef combo in the fridge calling my name."

Feb: "Yes, even yours."

Mar: "Put "Mother Nature" back in control and quit buying boats for Vets."

Apr: "How does that sound?"

May: "But sometimes you just have to see a thing for yourself and lend your support in whatever way you can."

Jun: "Then it would make perfect sense."

Jul: "DISCLAIMER: The lowest bidder with the biggest tits who promises a "happy finish" will be given first priority in the formal review process."

Aug: "Good day."

Sep: "Join us!"

Oct: "Join me and @NobleRot of Three O'Clock in the Morning for lunch at Swagger around 12:30 today."

Nov: "They are ignorant, intolerant, idiots who, under no circumstances, can be allowed to hold positions of power at any level."

Dec: "Bone a Petite."

It goes without saying that July was my favorite.


sue hanes said...

XO - My choice is:

August - Good day.

I cna't remember which one but someone said tha in a movie I once watched and I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hanes,

I tried to comment on your Religion Blog but found I was restricted - not a Member it would seem. How would one become a Member?

I wanted to elicit your views on the use of the Middle Voice in ancient Greek as it manifests in the New Testament and impacts the meanings of the Parables of Jesus the christ when translated into English.

When someone is doing something to themselves, rather than to someone or something else, most languages are content to leave it at a reflexive verb; active or passive. However, Ancient Greek prefers to add another voice to the more mainstream Active and Passive - the Middle Voice. So where the verb used in English is reflexive, Greek would use the verb in its Middle form.

If the Subject of the verb both initiates the action, and participates in its outcome the verb will be in the Middle voice. In addition to this, when there is some confusion as to whether the supposed nominative of the sentence was really taking an active or passive part in the proceedings, Greek uses the Middle Voice to blur the boundaries of precision.

This is why Greek was used in the New Testament, as the Middle Voice was required, both to get around Voice-predictingly difficult concepts like "rising" (from the dead) or "being raised" (from the dead), AND the challenges presented by the nominative of a sentence being part of a Trinity, making it hard to tell exactly which of the three possibilities is actually carrying out, or benefiting from the verb.

Apologies to Mr. Onassis. I realise this has nowt to do with your post but, I need to contact Ms. Hanes - I beg your indulgence.

Anonymous said...

May; But I do agree with children that Santa is real and always will be.

June; The Mexicans have the best paperhangers going for getting false ID so hard to figure out who can and who can't be here.

July; and he was probably cured by the time the sun arose.

August; Have never myself seen the reason to risk death climbing a mountain.

September; So as one can see it's all fucked up.

October; Every year I say I am going to go and for some reason never make it.

November; Then we the people have nobody to blame but ourselves.

December; Can we vote for collage of them all?

On mine I like May the best and on yours I agree July is the best.

sue hanes said...

Aquarian - I apologize for that.

Sometimes I get in a fit and shut off the comments - as I did earlier today. They should be back on now.

Your comments are welcome on my religion blog.

sue hanes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue hanes said...

Now Aquarian - I checked out your really cool blog.

I hope this is not a hit and run - as I deal with everyday in my comment section.

I hope you do comment on my religion blog - but if you do - Aquarian - you are going to have to tell me what you are saying.

What are you getting at?

What is the point you are trying to make?

Because you know what I think Aquarian?

I think you are just jacking around with me.

and i am not doing that on my religion blog

On my Religion Blog what I say comes from my Heart.

I hope you do comment on my Religion blog Aquarian - English is spoken there though.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Hanes

"....I hope you do comment on my Religion blog Aquarian - English is spoken there though......"

I read, write and speak the Queen's English. I will, however, endeavour to 'adjust' my grammar and syntax to better approximate your version so that I may be understood.
In other words, I'll speak Yankee.

Dear Mr. Onassis,

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dearest Anonymous @ January 06, 2012 8:06 PM,

Goodness gracious, do you eat with that same mouth? In future, may I suggest 'Anal Sphincter Muslcle' as a demonstrative phrase commensurate with your level of cultivation?

Timothy Reids Thoughts said...

Xavier Onassis's mother should have used contraceptives and avoid giving birth to that imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Aquarians Love To Fuck, why would you want to comment on sue hanes's blog?

She a wacko , but then again so are you!

Nick said...

Not for nuthin'? But that Tiomthy Reids crank shares more than a passing resemblance with (still dead) Timothy Leary.

Little else, though...

Nick's Long lost Mother said...

I find this Hip Suburban White Guy to be a real liberal asshole, and one who never bothered to use toilet paper.

Top Cat said...

If you bother to read between the lines carefully to what these America-hating, social-engineering liberals, who left their behavior, conduct, morals and beliefs make America stronger outside the door are saying. You will find that their toxic, brain-dead logic leaves ordinary Americans shaking and scratching their heads in confusion and disgust. Normal people especially patriotic American’s can recognize bull dung when we see it hear, and smell it, and we have no desire whatsoever to embrace it.

The left’s definition of diversity does not make America stronger. It is weakening and destroying America. Let’s be bold and honest: The left’s version of diversity is repugnant.
It will be a cold day in hell before I embrace the Marxist, Socialist agenda that their holier than thou Messiah, the ignoramus in Chief supports. Or his three stooges Eric H. Holder, Joseph Robinette Biden, or Nancy Patricia Pelosi.
I fully respect people who respect and cherish our basic American customs, traditions, goodwill, and values. I have no respect for left-wingers who disrespect our basic American way of life and who wish to limit our freedoms.
Maybe that pack of racist’s like Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jesse Jackson, Harry Belefote, Louis Farrakhan, Mr. Eric Holder, or this Brain-dead punk who authors this blog believes in reverse discrimination, but ordinary Americans do not.
I still believe in our country, our American heritage, and that diversity is America’s greatest strength, multiculturalism, our military, and I believe in kicking the 'illegal alien’s out of this country. And I still believe that we have the right to raise a cross in our military cemeteries and not care about that one atheist might wander through and be offended!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Onassis,

You seem to have quite the cadre of sympathetic and articulate commenters.

That Timothy Reid character, though he seems not able to get his verb tenses correct, I'm sure he means well.

That Darth Bacon character likes to ask, and then answer, his own qustions. I like that in a man - that way I do not need to listen and can concentrate solely on his priapean girth.

That Nick character? Now there's a manly man. Someone who can "turn on, tune in and drop out." is my kind of guy!

Poor Top Cat though. I wonder if he knows his appellation and avatar are ultra-liberal homosexual icons. I hope he doesn't get all angry and such and kick his dog or smack his wife/girlfriend when he finds out - his kind are prone to that sort of behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The Top Cat said:

".....And I still believe that we have the right to raise a cross in our military cemeteries and not care about that one atheist might wander through and be offended!...."

What of the non-christians who gave their lives in the defense of the Revolted Colonies and are buried in your military cemeteries?
May the Jews raise a Star of David?
May the Hindus raise the swastika (An ancient "rune" symbol that pre-dates the Nazis by 2,000 years)?
May the Budhists raise the symbol "Om"?
May the American Aboriginals, the famous "Code Talkers", raise a Dream Catcher?
May the Muslims raise, well, whatever Muslims do in these circumctances?

Eventually the cemetery will be nothing but a forest of symbols - precious room left for the honoured dead.

IntolerantCynicami said...

Hey Miss.Antiquarian Fucked-up.

Who the hell died and made you the judgmental ass-hole of the blogisphere?

Why the fuck do you even care what people write or say about others that don't even concern you, you stupid obnoxious bitch.

It's dumb annoying bitches like you that piss the hell out of Gentlemen like me.

Anonymous said...

IntolerantCynicami said...

"....Why the fuck do you even care what people write or say about others that don't even concern you, you stupid obnoxious bitch....."

Why do you then?

But you're wrong about the stupid, obnoxious bitch part - you'll need to append the word 'fucking' as an adjectival modifier to the word 'stupid' and replace the word 'bitch' with the word 'cunt' and you'll come close to describing what I am.

I hope this helps.

Nick said...


you can't see, but i just bowed slightly in your notional direction.

also? i don't suppose you're a true kashmiri girl, eh; i have such vivid memories...

Anonymous said...

Well much obliged there Nick, but alas, Kashmir is nowhere near Myanmar.
Kashmiris have Aryan blood, I do not.
They'll run you 2 lakh Rupees, I'm at least 10 crore.
They are hirsute, I am not.
They have an acute gag reflex, I do not.
But I do not wish to sully your vivid memories however horrid they might be to me.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to purchase me, you'll need to exchange your 10 crore Rupees for Burmese Kyat and proceed up The Road To Mandalay. Use the Black Market money-changers - you'll get more than 100 times the Kyat for your Rupees. Do not buy more than you need though - Kyat are not convertible outside Myanmar.

Oh and you're going to need at least two goats - me dad will insist on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aquarians Love To Fuck, eat shit!

Ms.L said...

Bottom line is that we need a government that will adhere to the Constitution, period.
The progressives have ignored it, stomped on it and have spit on it.
They refuse to understand it's great value the people and to the future of our nation. They blindly follow the Idiot in Chief, or I should say the Marxist in Chief.
We need to defeat the Marxist-In-Chief we need EVERY VOTE WE CAN GET. So don't sit it out this time. .

Nick said...


that's what i get for not paying attention; i may not have read any actual words on your offense.

okay - i'm good with the goats. or whatever.

IntolerantCynicami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IntolerantCynicami said...

Congratulations on showing the bloggers of the world that YOU have just proved friggin Cry Baby of the worse kind.
You have not only insulted a fellow blogger who was only guilty of saying and writing his point of view (like it or not) but as far as I'm aware, this is STILL America and he is 100 percent entitled to do so.
But you, you sick little squirming liberal, America hating puppy had to take it a step further and insult not only his Wife who you posted a picture of, but his religion, as well as his blog and the people that comment there. .
You never once said a single word about any of the sicko liberal wacko's who infest his blog, or that sick and shameless idiot blogger that calls HER self "Aquarians Love To Fuck" ( what a screen name for a female blogger) this only goes to show how slanted your post is.
I'm sick of people like you and the rest of those evil Leftist who express their hypocrisy!
When I post a comment on other blogs I sign with it my name, what I say is what I mean and I don't cry over the response's that I may receive from them by posting an INSULT post about the persons background whatever it may be.

You say "One of the things that I've enjoyed most about the give and take with my readers in the comment section is the fact that we have always managed to disagree without being disagreeable"

Are you friggin kidding? What in the hell would you call what you just did?
I don't have a dog in this hunt one way or the other, but I have go Joe-Politico's defense and tell you just what a little squirming scumbag I think you are.
You can delete this post if you want to and I'm sure that a sick little squirming scumbag like you will, but I wanted to get my point across, and I think that I succeeded. You resulted to prove the point that most Liberals are shameless whimpering little puppies.
And you dare to call yourself intelligent, respectful, and passionate? Are you for real? Who do you think you are fooling, other than your miserable self?
I would call you a you shameless retarded. self-serving idiot who is full of horse-shit.
You couldn't measure up to Jo-Joe Politico in a lifetime.
But you do fit the profile of the Barack Obama worshipers.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Nick,

There are no real words on my blog. I expect all people to have been born with the knowledge that I am of Burmese descent. And those goats better not be any of those weird feckers that climb trees in Morrocco - they give me dad the heebie-jeebies.

IntolerantCynicami said,

".....or that sick and shameless idiot blogger that calls HER self "Aquarians Love To Fuck" ( what a screen name for a female blogger)...."

I have made a legitimate suggestion as to how you should refer to me. You do not appear to be that thick, perhaps you are just not trying hard enough?

The IntolerantCynicami also said,

"....I would call you a you shameless retarded. self-serving idiot who is full of horse-shit....."

Now if you had have added 'unlettered' to that wonderfully descriptive fusillade, we could have all wallowed in the bliss of irony. We would have, of course, laughed with you not at you.

Jarheads Blog said...

This Obama loving zombie Xavier Onassis enjoys attacking Joe, and his readers on his blog like the typical liberal pussy that he is.
In the most disgusting way..
Yet every time I post here I find my comment deleted. But he enjoys posting on Joe's blog and then blasting what ever he or his readers have to say. How sick of a man do you have to be to post the crap that he just did?
It's a lot easier to attack someone when you aren't standing in front of them, but sitting behind a computer 1000's of miles away.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know what the fuck is going on here but I think I can add my opinion anyway.
Aquarian, you You've gotta be shitting me, you are almost as big of a pussy as this dickhead who wrote this blog.
My only excuse for you being the jerkoff that you are is that you are a Raghead.

IMHO said...

Dear XO, Your reasoning makes absolutely no sense at all. In fact I think you went way overboard in your insults on Joe.