Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kansas City Zombie Walk 2012

Today was the 2012 Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger. Here are some (a lot, actually) photos of the event.

These are all raw images. I don't have the time or patience to crop, process and tweet 80 photos. 

WYSIWYG motherfuckers!

Look at this guy's Cap costume!  It's actually really fucking well done.

 Love the contact lenses!

This guy was a "Child Catcher".

Just a normal, All American Zombie Family enjoying a picnic.  Of BRAINS!!!!!!

This guy was carrying a bucket of actual cow brains.

Zombies who want to slim down go Republican.  Far fewer brains and the ones that are there are much smaller.


I love this next guy!  His only makeup was a bit of blood trickling out of his nose.  He went around telling everyone "It's OK!  I'm not sick!  I'm fine!  I'm OK!"  LOL!  Brilliant minimalism.

This guy was pretty funny.  Zombie William Wallace.  Kept shouting "THEY TOOK MY FREEDOM!  I TOOK THEIR BRAINS!!"

There was an actual designated Zombie Containment Area where the undead received their instructions.

Instruction 1:  "BRAAAIIINNNSSS!!!"

End of instructions.  GO!

Let the walking begin!


Old Fart said...

What I want to know is...

Did you take the risk and get a free hug?

Great Pics!

Anonymous said...

I would have hugged it