Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dan Abrams, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews

Dan Abrams

Keith Olbermann

Chris Matthews

Are no fucking different than Rush


or O'Reilly & Rivera


Hate mongering, divisionist, sensationlist and self-promoting media whores.

Thank God I never stoop to shit like that.

I'm so cool.


Pascal √Čbert said...

While you may not be one whom I would describe as understated, you seem to be very adept at self-effacement.

I would venture a guess that the real distinction between you and the talking heads above might lie in the simple notion of perspective.

I may have you pegged wrong but it seems as though you've taken yourself with the appropriate grain of salt.

You're clearly more insightful than you let on in this arena and you frame what are very good arguments in a wrapper of a ranting lunatic.

This is to my liking.


Spyder said...

Pascal-T'as bien dit!

Poodles said...

I don't care about the other two, but I have a girl hard on for Keith Olbermann.

emawkc said...

Congratulations, X. Recognizing that you have a problem is your first step in getting better. I applaud your progress.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Rush has one saving attribute, he looks like Dennis Hoff's twin brother. Other than that he is the worlds largest douche, nozzle and bag.

Nightmare said...

I have no idea who those people are. Are they on TV or something? I think I recognize the guy with the Pancho Villa mustache, didn't he have a talk show about skin heads in the 80's?

If this group f talking heads are on the TV why do you people watch them? Don't you know that at any time 24 hours a day there is a law and order sow on at least 3 channels? I mean c'mon! that is even better then TBS and it's love affair with Roadhouse!

Stop watching the stupid white people and start dumbing it down like the rest of us!

I has what plants crave! It has electrolytes!

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Nightmare. Good one. That's one dumb movie but I must say I use the electrolytes quote myself in conversation (usually when arguing with my daughter who does a poor job of keeping herself hydrated).

T said...

Long live Brawndo!!!!!

Yours truly,

Not Sure & Frito

crse said...

Now I remember why I have to get all my politics directly from c-span. Don't get me wrong XO, I by no means see myself as a political supergenius. In fact, I would say Im most offended and bothered that from a lay-person's relatively uninformed perspective, I can identify the basic logic flaws in the positions taken by these talking heads types. It's not elitist. I really don't mind stupidity. I can be quite stupid myself. What bothers me is that people are getting rich by passing off their willful stupidity as "expert" or even informed "opinion" . You are not like "those people" XO. And not just because you are much funnier in general either....

travel said...

I tell ya what I hate even more is when I fall asleep with the tv on and wake up to that horrible Red Eye program with those self-absorbed twits who think they are elite comedians.

Keri Oki said...

I would be remiss and a big liar if I didn't express my deep love for Keith Olberman - I agree that they are all propagandists -- but it's like a car wreck I can't stop driving by -- and for some reason propaganda is so inspiring when it comes from the right side. And by right I mean left. I hope you haven't lost too terribly much respect for me.

Xavier Onassis said...

Where the hell did pascal ebert come from and why is spyder talking french to him? Have I completely lost control of this blog?

poodles - "girl hard on" - hah! I know just what to do with those.

emaw - thanks!

MM - I don't know who Dennis Hoff is. Should I?

nightmare - "I has what plants crave! It has electrolytes!" Sounds familiar, but I'm drawing a blank.

stink - you are apparently more astute than I.

t - huh?

crse - c-span rules. Best thing about television.

travel - nothing worse than waking up to Bill Maher

keri - "I hope you haven't lost too terribly much respect for me."

Nah. I'll still fix you a full bacon and eggs breakfast in the morning. LOL!

Hell, I'll even call ya.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Yes Xo you should know who Dennis Hoff is, google him, trust me on this one.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Ah - the electrolytes quote is from the movie "Idiocracy" - hopefully the stupidest movie of our generation.

Well - stupid while being a spot-on indictment of the hopelessness of our fate as a civilization.

Xavier Onassis said...

MM - Just googled Dennis Hoff. Oh Hell To The Yeah! I should BE Dennis Hoff.

stink - I remember "Idiocracy"! Just didn't remember that line.

I think future generations will look back at "Idiocracy" as an intellectual ideal that we failed to achieve. I'm serious.

I told my daughter, if you don't learn anything else from me, remember this one thing..."People are STUPID!"

She seems to have taken it to heart.