Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10 Blog Posts - Evah!

I started this blog on January 23rd, 2006. So I've been at this for almost 5 years and have over 1450 posts up.

I've never been concerned about how many readers I have or how many hits I get. That's not why I'm here.

But I recently clicked on my Stats according to and found the results somewhat interesting.

Strictly in terms of Page Views, these are my Top Ten Posts of All Time.

10. "Guest Blogger" April 18, 2007: 726 Page Views - I copied and pasted a diatribe from Lee Iacocca. Virtually no original content.

9. "Speaking of Ice" December 10, 2007: 980 Page Views - My review of Dan Simmons book 'The Terror'.

8. "WWI Museum" November 11, 2007: 1,062 Page Views - My appreciation of our incredible World War I Memorial and museum. It is an international treasure.

7. "Beer Can Chicken" November 27, 2010: 1,183 Page Views - This recent post got a boost from this mention on The Pitch's Fat City blog.

6. "Beneath The Temple of Quetzalcoatl" August 7, 2010: 3,157 Page Views - Just some cool archaeological research results from Central Mexico.

5. "Soccer Is So Incredibly Gay" June 18, 2010: 4,969 Page Views - This was my lamest post ever. I just Google Imaged "Soccer is gay" and posted the images without comment. I credit the popularity of this post to all of the closeted gay, pretentious, American, Anglophile soccer fan wannabes who get wood whenever they hear someone say "Manchester United" or "Arsenal".

4. "Das Boot" January 27, 2009: 5,102 Page Views - This was a post about my fucked up feet. Seriously?

3. "Gay Marriage Finally A Reality" June 16, 2008: 7,383 Page Views - Strong on subject and visuals, light on original content.

2. "Business Travel" December 19, 2007: 10,344 Page Views - My build up to tell the Tonto Kowaslki joke. Really, people?

My most popular post ever? Drum roll.....

1. "Tattoos and Piercings" July 26, 2008: 33,360 Page Views - Wow. I should post more about tats. Something I know absolutely nothing about. LOL! You fuckers are funny!

This is precisely why I don't craft my posts to generate traffic.

I think I'll keep writing about whatever the fuck I want and let the stats be damned.

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd like reading it less if you catered to anyone.

~Random lurker :p